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Questing in MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The defining feature of pretty much every MMORPG and also the key thing that helps their story progress is the questing system. It’s essentially the backbone of every single MMORPG out there and in this article we’ll be talking about this system in a bit more detail. MMO Anlage - Questing in MMORPGs

To get the ball rolling, first of all let’s talk about the different kinds of quests you’ll generally run into in most games. While there are multitudes of unique quests out there, we’re mostly going to be covering the more common ones that you’re bound to run into in basically every single MMORPG.

The main quest type that you are bound to run into in every single MMORPG is the kill quest. These quests require you to do exactly what the name implies which is to kill X amount of Y monster. These are great fun to play because they allow you to get some practice in on your character and killing the monsters is good experience as well.

Another highly common quest type is the fetch quest. Fetch quests are often relatively simple to complete because most of the time they require you to simply go to a character somewhere in the game world, pick up an item from them and give it to another character. While they sound relatively boring on paper, they’re actually quite fun because they allow players to explore the game world a bit as they travel from character to character.

The key benefit of a questing system is that it helps maintain the flow of any MMORPGs story. If you’ve played any game from this genre then you know first-hand that it’s often quite easy to get lost in the gameplay and forget about the story all together because you’re busy with other tasks such as PvP, raiding and what not. Quests are great because a majority of quests are tied in with the game’s lore which means that while you’re doing them you’ll be progressing through the story as well which is really great and helps deliver a full-fledged experience to the players.

All things set aside perhaps the primary benefit of questing and the main reasons players do quests in the first place is probably the fact that they offer some pretty generous rewards. If you play a lot of MMORPGs then you’ll probably know that the highest level players on a server or those with the top quality gear are usually the players who quest quite a lot. The rewards from questing are massive and quite varied as well; you can get things like cool equipment for your character, a massive amount of gold or even a pretty significant amount of experience to help level up.

All said and done, it’s pretty easy to conclude from all things mentioned above that the questing system is the backbone of every single MMORPG worth its salt. While on the topic of this genre, we’d like to recommend that you try out a few games from it as they’re great fun to play.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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