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Review: Does the Vikings Video Slot Make Players Feel Like a Medieval Warlord?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Let us take a look into the world of Vikings through a popular slot game, Vikings Video Slot! MMO Anlage - Review: Does the Vikings Video Slot Make Players Feel Like a Medieval Warlord?

The television show Vikings is hugely popular, drawing in massive ratings since its debut in 2013. The show's series finale attracted 3.6 million viewers, while newer episodes average between 1.5 to 2 million people who tune in regularly to watch the brutal and realistic adventures of the Vikings play out.

With that much interest surrounding Vikings - both the show and the people - it makes sense that there is now a gaming spin-off. The Vikings online video slot is a casino game that aims to appeal to fans as well as history buffs. But is the game historical fun or does it belong in the past?

Does the Vikings Slot Game Capture the Essence of the Show?

The Vikings slot is one of the most popular online casino games around and it got there by fully embracing the style and setting of the show. On either side of the slot game, there are large portraits of the game's characters, including Queen Lagertha, who stands looking menacing next to the game's reels. In the background of the slot game, players can see a raven screeching, snow falling, and a Viking shield leans against a fence post.

The slot also uses Viking art styles well. Vikings are known for their crafting skills, from the "oseberg" style which features beasts, "jelling" which is a more stylistic take on animals, to the "urnes" style which is often carved into wood. This is seen in the game, with the letter V displaying the intricate patterns used by the Vikings in their day, while other letters on the reels, despite being less fancy, still show the impressive craft and metalwork that the Vikings were capable of.

In addition to this, Viking weaponry is seen throughout the slot. The logo for the slot game's raid spins, for example, display a shield, while the shield wall icon displays three of the defensive weapons. The style of a Viking's shield is one of the most famous aspects about the culture and many will be glad to see it on display here.

Who Should Play the Slot Games?

Although the Vikings slot game is a tie-in to a hugely popular TV show of the same name, you don't necessarily have to be a fan of the program. Rather, this casino game is ideal for anyone with an interest in medieval history or who has ever wanted to play a game that allows you to be a hero of that time period.

Other games that take on similar eras include Vikings: War of Clans and Forge of Empires, and the Vikings slot would appeal to players of these games too. If you enjoy these titles but want more interactive experiences set in times of barbaric actions, primitive tools, and weapons, then the Vikings slot will suit your interests.

The Vikings slot won't let you become a medieval lord or barbarian. But it will give you a new way to enjoy Viking history and that's what counts.

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