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Supremacy 1914: Tips to Become the Most Powerful Nation

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We’ve listed several tips to help you to become the strongest world leader in Supremacy 1914; command your units well, strike at the right time, and make your economy boom. MMO Anlage - Supremacy 1914: Tips to Become the Most Powerful Nation

Want to rise to power in Supremacy 1914 and become the strongest world leader? We’ve listed several tips to help you in this endeavor; command your units well, strike at the right time, and make your economy boom. After all, there is more to war than conquest.

First off, let’s clear things out: I’ve been playing Supremacy 1914 for a few years now. I’m a veteran player, and some of my fondest achievements include conquering the whole Asia-Pacific while playing as the Philippines, the entire Africa as French Guinea, and the Middle East + half of Europe as Arabia. If you’re having trouble with the game, you’ve come to the right place: I’ve listed some tips which will help you become the strongest nation in your games.

First tip: if you can pick a country, be sure to pick one wherein you’re not surrounded in different fronts. The best maps in this case would be South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. I once played Mongolia, and two countries simultaneously attacked right away - unable to gather my bearings, I immediately lost in the first few days.

Second tip: if you are surrounded in multiple fronts, play your cards right. Supremacy 1914 is mainly about conquest, and to become the greatest conqueror, you have to be a little patient. Focus on increasing your army’s numbers and in fortifying your Fortresses, as well as doing everything you can to increase production on vital goods. Try building railways and harbors, buy and sell on the stock market, and strengthen your economy first.

Third tip: If you lack certain resources, look for other players willing to trade with you. Each country’s production capabilities are different. For example, the Philippines may lack oil, while Central America is booming agriculturally. Apart from trading resources, you can also trade provinces and units. Once, I managed to convince one player to give me two of his artillery units early on in exchange for two provinces that are of no use to me. In any case, try to get the most of what you have: everything is tradable!

Fourth tip: be vigilant and play around in the stock market to get more money. As you may already know, you can both buy and sell resources on the market. For example: let’s say you saw a player making a purchase order for oil at a high price. However, there is another player selling oil at a lower price - your best bet would be to buy the oil, and sell it to the player making the purchase order. This will give you quick and easy cash.

Let’s say that you’ve managed to stockpile over 80 infantry as an attack force without sacrificing your defenses. Moreover, you’re on your way to developing tanks, artillery, battleships, and the feared railguns. So, how can you maximize your fighting force?

Fifth tip: don’t rush to try and conquer AI-controlled territories. Attempting to conquer these first will result into dire consequences if you’re not careful. You might garner heavy casualties and at the same time, be attacked by another player. Instead, it’s highly recommended to create several artillery units first before attacking them head-on.

Sixth tip: strike when they do. When your neighbors rush in to conquer AI-controlled territories, rush in to conquer theirs. This is because it is likely that their army’s numbers have been depleted and you will have the numerical advantage. You can see how many units they’ve lost in the newspapers, so if you feel your numbers are enough to overwhelm him, go right on ahead.

Seventh tip: be diplomatic. Although you would want to conquer them all, you won’t be able to unless if you make friends. In this case, cooperate with other players to take down others. For example, if another country is attacking you from the north, explain to his neighbors that his territories are ripe for the picking. A two-pronged attack will always be better than a single one.

Eight and last tip: have fun! Immerse yourself into the game, create your own fictional leader, and conquer your enemies!

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