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The Advent of the Survival Game Genre

Diesen Artickel einschätzen It’s pretty common knowledge that over the past few years, survival games have become all the rage. In this article we’re going to be shedding some light on why this genre grows more popular with each passing day. MMO Anlage - The Advent of the Survival Game Genre

Every single day, new games from this category surface and each one feels better than the last. They always attract massive audiences and are overall great fun to play. There are of course many reasons behind this fact; the first is that these games have some really great settings. A majority of all survival games come with a post apocalyptic setting that’s pulled off quite incredibly. You can feel the gloominess in the air when you play these games and that and every single environment gives off that ominous vibe that makes these games genuinely full of suspense because you never know what might happen.

Moving on, perhaps one of the primary attractions of these games is the groundbreaking and innovative gameplay. All survival games worth their salt are completely sandbox style which means that the only limit to your gameplay is your imagination. You can do pretty much anything you please in these games whether its crafting tools for survival, searching/hunting for food, creating your very own shelter or pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

The gameplay of this genre is so broad that you can even turn on your own fellow players in dire times. More often than not such a situation arises in which the resources are few and the players are plenty, in certain situations there are many players who don’t hesitate to turn on their allies in order to take the resources for themselves.

This kind of gameplay is absolutely incredible and quite revolutionary as there hasn’t been anything quite like it before. Also, the knowledge that your allies might eventually become your enemies makes sure that players are performing as best as they can at all times which makes the experience much healthier overall since everyone is pulling their own weight.

Another thing that’s really incredible about these games is their variety of equipment. You’ll notice that nearly every single survival game out there has an absolutely massive selection of weapons to choose from. Ranging from the classic handguns such as the Glock to some heavy duty firepower such as a machine gun, you’ll be able to acquire absolutely every kind of weapon out there. On top of this you can utilize some unconventional weapons as well such as the crossbow. All these options make sure that players can find something that fits their play-style and preferences.

Last but certainly not least, these games look amazing. Whether it’s the highly detailed environments, the flawlessly animated zombies and creatures, or the top notch character design, every visual aspect is amazing and all these things coupled with the high quality sound effects make these games absolutely top tier.

All said and done, the recent surge of popularity of the survival game genre is definitely justified as the games from it are straight up brilliant. Needless to say, we recommend trying a few of these out because we’ve had some great experiences with them and we’re certain that you will too.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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