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The challenges of MMO Games.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen While there are many styles and settings for MMO games, there are some themes that run through each of them. In this article we will cover these themes and the challenges they present. MMO Anlage - The challenges of MMO Games.

From the big names like World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic, to the newer browser based games like Wartune or Lunaria Story there is a rich and wide variety of MMO games available to play. But in each of these games is a template of what we can expect to happen, even if they all go about it in a unique way.

One of the first challenges you face is achieving the top level of the game, this can vary from level 50 all the way over 100 in some cases. Gaining levels is often completed by completing quests or running dungeons, and each of these methods comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

How you choose to level a character also sets up the way that you will gather any resources, currency or items as you progress. All of these things may help you in the leveling process, and often can set you up with the basics that you need once you reach that coveted maximum level.
And once you are at the top level of a game, a whole new set of challenges is presented, from finding special items or materials to killing the biggest and scariest bosses that the world has to offer. And there are lots of ways that you can do these things.

Often there will be several tiers of group activity in an MMO as well as options to stay solo and still be rewarded for your efforts. Many of these games incorporate small group activities, that will reward you for completing them, but not allow you to be able to accomplish them alone.

Sometimes just finding a group to do these activities with can be a challenge which is where a guild structure in a game comes in, joining up groups of like minded players to help each other out. Guilds often form the core group of players that will be going into the larger content of raids.
Raids are areas of the game where larger groups of players go to fight against some of the toughest and nastiest monsters any game has to offer. These raids are seen as the pinnacle of any MMO and are designed to really push and test the skills of the players.

Organizing these raids and knowing the tactics for each fight is a challenge by itself, and will often fall to 1 or 2 players within a raiding group to sort out, but once that is done you can then begin to tackle these tough boss encounters. In return you will be rewarded with the best items that the game has available.

But if you are not in a guild, or don’t wish to raid there are still other challenges available to you. From entering into a Player verses Player environment to test your skills or completing special quests for an amazing magic sword.

In many games there are factions that are either friendly or unfriendly, and you can often work towards making your personally reputation with them increase, often for rewards of their own, either items, or special pets and mounts not available anywhere else.

The beauty of any MMO game is that there is always something else to achieve, and other challenges to be overcome. With new games being developed and new ideas being brought forward for players to enjoy in existing games there is a whole world of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Whatever you enjoy doing and whatever challenges you want to overcome, there is an MMO out there for you to do that in. Whether you stick to one game or play them all each game is a special and unique place to test your skill against.

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