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The Chosen One Plots in MMOs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Given that we have been showered tons of interesting MMO titles in the past years that they have covered the gaming industry with, shared to us the number of similarly structured "The Chosen One" plots. Learn why a lot developer are rooting for this type of entry of a story and why a lot of people are into them in this following article. MMO Anlage - The Chosen One Plots in MMOs

MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games) managed to pull-off a great following among gamers that themselves have flourished exponentially over the recent years. And somehow among a great percentage of them - share an ultimate goal for each and every playing character therein- to save the world from an impending doom. Hence is the topic for the day, The Chosen One plots in MMOs.

What are these games and why are there a lot of them? Let's get things figured out.

Firstly - the storyline. What is a Chosen One plot? Chosen One plots are games that usually render an accompanying story that revolves around an impending disaster or calamity and that the given character (you play) ultimately holds the key to solve this problem in the end. And though common to most MMO games that they don’t have any endings of any sort, they furnish a story embracing onto the character (you) to walk the path of a hero, resolving the given crisis.

So why are there a lot of them? Mainly, Chosen One plots are very much interesting to the playing bunch. It sure is, by all means, great to be the promised, prophecised hero in any given story. Why? Because it puts all the great importance in your character to build up the story and put efforts to solve the impending crisis. Once you get the basic assessment of the matters at hand, playing to be “the last hope of the world” puts up great confidence to the player that the character he/she plays will live up to the promise/prophecy. A great start should always reel-in a lot of players’ interest to evolve onto the given game as well as on their character/s therein.

Even from the earlier days of MMOs, despite having tens upon tens of thousands playing the game, they all (each and every playing soul) have the same guided plots within – forming the sole purpose of the character that you are playing to save the world, or get the matters at hand to resolve it as you progress onto the game. From the players standpoint, this task is rather cool and something worth advancing with – especially that it focuses great importance to your character.

This is also good for the developers. Having a gripping backing story is also a great foundation to any game in general. Much more, a lot of games have successfully achieved this in the past and digging their foundations with proven grounds is always a safe start. Without a doubt, players dig into these kinds of story. They are simple, they are fun, and they are believable.

Now let’s move on to problems with these types of backing stories. First is multiplayer issue. Having said that the player will ultimately be playing the role of the “Chosen One”, puts up the first issue of having to play with other players – also playing the role of a “Chosen One”, which in the end leaves us with the question: Now, which is which? Having multiple players playing the same game enlisting them with the same purpose in the game proves to leave tons of flaws (story wise) as you progress in the story itself. Basically, it leaves everyone a redundant purpose in the game.

Other than that, the saturation problem ultimately persists in the end. Having said that we have been fed with a lot of titles bringing in the same plot over and over again, scalds a great percentage of the players (especially the seasoned ones), as they prove to work up the same cliché in every single one of them. People easily grow tired of the same stuff -- if does not bring anything new, it is almost certain to be left untouched the seasoned bunch.

Nonetheless, given that they still usually share a great story within them (well most of them), should bring any player to the great mood scouring for some great journey ahead of them. Here on mmosquare, we get to pick several MMOs to review every now and then - to get you updated with the list of the most sought after games on the genre, with there once in a while, the “Chosen One” plot.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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