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The Different Types of Players You’ll Meet in MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the common player types that most players will encounter no matter what MMORPG they’re playing. MMO Anlage - The Different Types of Players You’ll Meet in MMORPGs

It’s common knowledge that almost all MMORPGs have pretty massive player-bases backing them up, hence the name “Massively Multiplayer Online”. Since so many people play these games, you’ll often run into many different kinds of people along your journey. In this article we’ll be talking about some of the common player types that most players will encounter no matter what MMORPG they’re playing.

1: The Helper

Seriously, these guys are the unsung heroes of MMORPGs. There’s no doubting the fact that most of these games come with a pretty steep learning curve since there are just so many different things and mechanics that people need to learn about them and due to this, they can become a bit overwhelming for new players. Fortunately, there are some players who go out of their way to help newcomers and these players are perhaps the pillars of every single MMO’s community. If you manage to befriend one of these guys then we can say with certainty that your experience will become much more enjoyable.

2: The Hardcore Players

Ever see the guys who seem to gain multiple levels on their characters with each passing day? Yeah, they’re real. It’s quite impressive how these players manage to make so much progress in such little time. The rate of their progress is a testament to how dedicated they are as gamers and these are usually the guys who usually make sure that the developers keep adding new content to the games since they tend to reach the end-game really quick and therefore are always in need of new content to enjoy.

3: The PvPers

If you frequent a PvP arena in an MMORPG then you’re probably familiar with the player who spends almost all of his time in that place. These players are usually some of the most competitive out there and they also have a tendency of getting frustrated really quickly if they ever get beaten. Perhaps the defining characteristic of these players is that their characters are usually equipped with some of the absolute best gear from top to bottom in order to ensure their victories over their opponents.

4: The Hacker

No matter how much the developers try to stop them, hackers are bound to surface in pretty much every single MMORPG no matter how secure it is. These players usually hinder the experience for others since they cheat their way to the top and use things like scripts so that their characters can perform all the tedious tasks like grinding mobs automatically while they just sit back and do nothing. Fortunately, the amount of hackers has decreased a lot in recent years thanks to the advanced security systems used by modern MMOs but even in spite of this, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll encounter these guys at least once in your MMORPG experience.

The aforementioned players are perhaps the most common kinds of players that you’re bound to see in pretty much every single MMORPG. While on the subject of MMORPGs, we recommend trying a few of them out if you haven’t already because they’re quite fun and addictive.

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