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The Future of MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen MMO Games have been with us for a long time and the RPG genre keeps on growing, what does the future hold for this much loved genre? MMO Anlage - The Future of MMORPGs

The genre of MMORPG games is without a doubt one with some of the biggest, if not the biggest, player-bases out there and it has seen constant improvements and innovations over the years. In this article we're going to talk a little bit about what the future probably has in store for this genre of games and will also be giving out a few suggestions that we think will help it grow and improve even further.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring a lot of improvement into any MMO game, especially an RPG, is to improve customization options. Currently, whenever you start off in an MMORPG you have to create your very own character and customize it according to your likings and while some games offer a lot of customizability, others just give you standard options like gender choice, hair color and such. If every RPG were to implement an in-depth character creation process that allows you to personalize your character according to your liking then the experience would definitely be a lot more engaging and immersive.

One thing that's seen a lot of development over the years is the combat system utilized in these games. First it used to be simple point and click until someone died, after that it become more of a button mashing kind where you spammed your spells as fast as you could and eventually it's come to its current state. The combat in most MMOs of today is action based which means that players have to aim their attacks, dodge incoming attacks, position properly and such. While this is definitely the best state that the combat has ever been in, there's still room for improvement.

Often times attacks tend to whiff opponents despite seeming to have landed correctly and often times you'll strike nothing and end up hitting your opponent due to the hit-boxes being off. These technical issues are bound to be ironed out in future MMOs to come and if done properly it'll certainly make them a lot smoother.

Refined PvP systems are something that are bound to be part of these games sometime in the near future. As it stands right now, most games have the standard 1v1, 2v2 and Clan vs Clan modes and while these are great, they've grown rather stale over the years and some new PvP modes would definitely breathe some life into the genre and would make the experience a lot more refreshing especially for the veteran players.

Some games have definitely experimented with new modes that have shown quite a lot of promise so it won't be long until we start seeing the newer generation MMO games consist of really cool and innovative PvP modes that are sure to attract larger audiences of players into the game.

Overall, there's a lot of things that could happen to the MMORPG genre in the near future since it's so dynamic and constantly growing and the suggestions mentioned above will probably occur soon enough too. The MMO games in their current state are quite fun regardless so we recommend trying a few out to experience the enjoyment for yourself.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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