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The Wonderful World of Mobile MMOs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Looking for three mobile MMO games to play for the weekend? We've got some choice games for you! MMO Anlage - The Wonderful World of Mobile MMOs

Technology is so wonderful nowadays. With mobile phones, communication is near-instantaneous. You can send a message, and your recipient can receive it instantly. You can call or be called wherever you are, provided that there is a signal or reception.

Of course, you can entertain yourself with mobile games whenever you want and wherever you may be. That’s the beauty of mobile MMOs; provided that you have access to an Internet connection, you can dive into the world of your favorite MMOs using just your mobile device.

There are plenty of games that you can play, and here are a few that come well-recommended.

Let’s begin with Mobile Strike. In a nutshell, Mobile Strike is a real-time strategy MMO that puts you in command of an entire nation, complete with a military force equipped with state-of-the-art, modern technology. You can become like Arnold Schwarzenegger here, as he is the face of the game.

Unlike most RTS games, which feature either futuristic or medieval technology, you command contemporary military hardware in Mobile Strike. You can have contemporary fighter planes, tanks, mortar battalions, artillery battalions, and the like. You can enter into valuable alliances in which you and your teammates help one another in terms of combat and reducing build times. You can also reach out and communicate if you feel friendly.

With a very helpful interface and decent graphics, Mobile Strike is a likely candidate to add to your mobile MMO collection.

Who wouldn’t recognize the next game on this list? Mobile Legends is so popular that even those that don’t play it know the name. The game trended online, and for good reason. It is a massively online battle arena, which means that you can go head-to-head with other players in glorious Player versus Player matches.

PvP options include 5 versus 5 mode, so you better find four other people who also play Mobile Legends and form your team.

In addition to PvP, you can farm the jungle for loot and experience point.

Mobile Legends features amazing graphics to complement its equally wonderful gameplay. You really won’t go wrong downloading the game and installing it on your phone. Just make sure you got enough RAM and graphics processing power to begin with.

If you’re looking for side scrolling gameplay with cute characters, then you need Dragonica Mobile. Despite its name, the game is not the Dragonica that you’ve enjoyed on your PC. It’s a reinvention; it’s a whole new game in other words.

Explore lots of dungeons where you can find common to rare pieces of loot. You can engage in commerce with non-playable characters in towns. Of course, you can get together with your friends and challenge other players in 3 versus 3 PvP combat. You can even raid dungeons and fight Bosses together.

Make use of your mobile phone to have unforgettable fun! These games, together with many others, are free to play with optional purchases available.

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