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Things We Would Like to See in Shooter Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Shooter games are without a doubt some of the most addictive and engaging games out there. However, there’s no doubting the fact that there’s always room for improvement and in this article we’ll be talking about features that would improve these games quite significantly if they were implemented. MMO Anlage - Things We Would Like to See in Shooter Games

Before going into the thick of things, we’d like to point out that some of these features might already exist in a few modern day shooter games. However, they’re still on the list mainly due to the fact that they are quite uncommon and it’ll still probably be a while before they actually become a common part of the shooting game genre.

Larger Weapon Variety

Perhaps the easiest way to improve a shooter game would be to increase the amount of weapons that players have access to. Most shooter games nowadays seem to downsize the amount of firearms in exchange for other features and this ultimately ends up having a negative impact on the gameplay due to the lack of variety. Simply adding more weapon choices would definitely make these games considerably more enjoyable than they already are.

More Ways to Tactically Outplay Opponents

A lot of shooter games worth their salt give players many tactical ways such as smoke grenades through which they can get an advantage on their opponents. However, in most shooter games, players only have access to some pretty generic items such as the aforementioned smoke grenade and this limitation of items definitely restricts players from pulling off tactical maneuvers. Implementing more strategy oriented equipment would definitely give these games a lot more depth thereby making them way more fun to play.

Different Character Classes to Choose From

In most run-of-the-mill shooter games, the only choice players are given is what weapon loadout they want to use and while this definitely gives players a lot of room to setup their character according to their preferences, we can’t help but feel that games would benefit more if they actually had full-fledged character classes that players could utilize. For example, an aggressive character class that prioritizes damage could be implemented for players who like to go up close and personal whereas a passive character class that emphasizes on survivability could be implemented for players who have a supportive play-style and would much rather soak up damage rather than deal it.

Different Kinds of Maps to Choose From

No matter how good a shooter game is, it’s bound to become repetitive and dull if it doesn’t have lots of maps for players to enjoy and, surprisingly enough, a lot of developers actually make this mistake. A lot of high quality games with top notch shooting mechanics are held back by the fact that they lack map variety. Simply making sure that players have lots of different maps to enjoy would definitely go a long way in keeping a game fresh and interesting.

All said and done, we strongly feel that if the aforementioned things were implemented in shooter games, they’d become a lot more enjoyable. While on the subject, we definitely recommend trying shooter games out if you haven’t already because they’re extremely fun to play.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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