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Top 10: Marvel Strike Force Characters

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With a huge range of characters to choose from it can be overwhelming, so in this article we are putting together a list of the heroes and villains that we feel are the best at what they do. MMO Anlage - Top 10: Marvel Strike Force Characters

For the purposes of this article we are dividing up the 10 characters by class, with 2 tanks, 2 support and the rest as either control or dps. In MARVEL Strike Force all of these classes have an important role and you will need to balance the team. As such we have brought you a few different types of character that you can drop into an A or B team.

We will begin with the tanks, there are several characters that fit this role and one of our top 2 you get at the start: Luke Cage. He is a standout tank that has a lot of hitpoints, and his ability to increase the defence of the whole team can make or break a game especially when you get him some star ranks. He is available early on and finding his shards is relatively easy, so you can promote him up. For an early tank he is a keeper all the way to the end.

The second tank we really like is Drax, his abilities work very well in synergy with each other and he can do a decent amount of damage for his class. The possible chain attacks can stack really well with the Drain and he is a tough hero to beat down at the best of times. A must at the end game to keep your party alive he is a real boost to any team.

Next up we have the support, and top of the list is the Night Nurse, the only real pure healer in the game her abilities work very well together. Her regeneration is an absolute must for raids and will be the difference maker. All her skills are able to heal, and when the going gets tough her passive and active heals will be able to save the day. Her slow can also be useful when it’s used correctly.

The other main support, though not a true healer at all is Yondu, with his ability to steal the buffs off of your opponents, and a real chance of doing some damage he is a must have for any type of content. The summon ally though a simple minion is a hit or two your party won’t take. The whole combination grant him a toughness that is hard to shake off.

And now we come to the remaining six characters, though in no particular order we have some very powerful heroes and villains to pick through. We found these to have some of the best abilities and they are always in our teams if we can.

We will begin with Black Widow, though she is a tough hero to get at 100 shards she is very much worth it. The speed boost to the entire team is amazing enough, but throw in her ability to stun and you have a really powerful hero on your team. With these abilities she basically is a win win in most parts of the game and a must have if you want to complete the higher end tiers of the game.
Speaking of heroes, we have her ally in most things Thor, a hard hitting blaster he comes with a very strong AoE. A pure damage dealer with a huge amount of damage he is pretty much the best at dishing out the pain. Able to ignore taunt with his skills he can smash into the softer support and control characters and turn any battle into a massacre.

Next up we have Quake, another supremely good AoE character that can and will allow you to roll through opponents in the campaign and raids as well as be good in most other aspects of the game. The ability to debuff and slow an entire team makes her a must have in any team, and these controls paired with fast or S.H.I.E.L.D characters can make her very dominant on the field.

As a brawler, Gamora sits in there as probably the best of them. Her passive crit chance is huge combined with her powerful melee attacks. And granting them to her Guardian allies such as Drax can be a big boost. But where she shines is her ability to fill her speed bar and be top of the queue. Simply amazing damage and speed combined make her a deadly opponent.

Wolverine is one of the best known of all Marvel characters and a top fan favorite so it is no surprise he made it to the game. Relatively easy to obtain he has a couple of standout skills, top of the list is the regeneration every turn which keeps him up and fighting balanced with his ability to make almost every hit bleed and chain it makes him a great tool for both sustained damage and survivability.

Finally we have Hawkeye, a controller with a barrel full of positive abilities. He can blind your opponents, at higher ranks he can blind the entire enemy team. Plus he can remove positive buffs including taunt from your enemies. This ability alone makes him a keeper, combined with his auto attacks on stealth characters for free you have a great tool for taking the fight to your enemy.

This concludes our list of the top 10 characters from MARVEL Strike Force. We feel that these heroes, in almost any combination can make for a very good team, and though some of them are not the easiest to get early, they are all well worth the time to find and keep. Good luck in this amazing game and we hope you find our advice helpful.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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