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Top 5 Weapons in Apex Legends

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Can’t seem to figure out which weapon you should be using in Apex Legends? Well, worry not because we have you covered. MMO Anlage - Top 5 Weapons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game that’s filled to the brim with a variety of different weapons and, given how many choices there are, it can be rather hard to figure out which ones you should be using. Fortunately, though, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the game and have managed to pick out the five best weapons that we feel are able to outdo all the rest.

Before we go any further, though, we want to highlight that we won’t be listing the legendary supply drop only weapons on this list because they have clear advantages over all other weapons in their class and can’t be looted from the map like traditional weapons can.

The following are the five weapons that you absolutely need to be looking out for while playing Apex Legends.

1: Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is perhaps one of the most lethal weapons in Apex Legends when you’re up close and personal with your opponents. This is a shotgun that’s capable of inflicting a deadly amount of damage if players can manage to connect all the pellets and what’s even better about this weapon is the fact that you can actually reduce the spread of the pellets by a tremendous amount with the precision choke attachment.

2: R-301 Carbine

The R-301 is an assault rifle that manages to stand out from the crowd of all the other assault rifles in the game because it’s the easiest to manage. The Flatline is a tad bit hard to control and the lack of full auto on the Hemlok is something that puts a lot of players off. R-301, on the other hand, is a gun that deals a considerable amount of damage at all ranges, has easy to manage recoil and can be equipped with an array of attachments that make it even deadlier.

3: Spitfire LMG

The Spitfire is an extraordinary LMG that can turn any player into a one man army due to the insane amount of damage it deals and how many rounds it carries in each magazine. The Spitfire can hold up to 35 rounds per magazine by default which is a huge leap from the 18 bullets that most assault rifles hold and, on top of this, you can equip the extended magazine attachments to increase its ammo capacity even further. This is definitely the best weapon to have in long drawn out fights where constantly having to reload can be a huge hindrance.

4: R-99 SMG

The R-99 is a weapon that absolutely dominates medium to close range fire fights when you’re not really at shotgun distance from your opponents but are still quite close. This is a weapon that’s a little hard to master as it has an insane rate of fire and, due to this, it can be hard to manage the recoil but, once you’ve finally gotten the hang of the recoil pattern, you’ll be able to use the R-99 to obliterate your foes because it has extremely high damage per second numbers.

5: Wingman

The Wingman is a revolver style pistol that’s become the sidearm of choice for many Apex Legends players who have confidence in their aim because it deals an incredibly high amount of damage per shot. What’s even better about this weapon is the fact that its damage can be increased even further with the Skullpiercer attachment that increases its headshot damage. Without extended magazines, the weapon only carries six bullets per magazine but these six can often times be more than enough to annihilate foes due to the incredible amount of damage that the Wingman can deal with each shot.

All things considered, the aforementioned weapons are those that we feel are head and shoulders above the rest in Apex Legends and this is why you should definitely keep an eye out for them while moving through the game world.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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