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Top 3 Free-to-Play Voxel-Based Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Voxel games have proved that, even without stunning graphics, some games can still endear themselves to people’s hearts. Here are three voxel-based games you might want to play. MMO Anlage - Top 3 Free-to-Play Voxel-Based Games

Voxel games have proved that, even without stunning graphics, some games can still endear themselves to people’s hearts. Take Minecraft, for example. It doesn’t have high resolution graphics like the ones in Skyforge, and its imagery looks like something take from an old-generation console from 30 years ago. However, it remains popular up to this day.

Of course, Minecraft is not the only voxel-based game out there in the market. There are actually a lot of them! Here are three of the best voxel-based games. Good news is, they are all free to play. You just need to download an installer and you can start playing in no time.

First on our list is Roblox, which is basically a collection of games that (surprise!) players create for other players on the server. If you’ve always wanted to build your own voxel-based game but you don’t have the funds and server capacity to do, then Roblox’s developer kit is the answer to your dreams. As long as you have a big imagination, then you can do almost anything with Roblox.

Of course, if you just want to play a game, then you’ll be right at home here as well. The name “Roblox” is more than just a game; it’s a server unto itself! It hosts a lot of games that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re into MMORPGs, or casual gaming, because there are many types of games here that you can play. There’s even a game wherein you can create your own cruise ship and luxury dock, among others.

The second game is Trove. Unlike Roblox, Trove is an open world MMORPG. You start off by creating your own territory, which you can decorate with items that you craft from materials that you acquire in the open world. Now, there are two modes in Trove – one is Build mode, while the other is Combat mode. Build mode allows you to collect blocks from anywhere in the open world, and use those blocks to build your own abode.

The other mode turns your character into a warrior to fight off hordes of monsters, or accomplish Dungeon raids. The amazing thing about these two modes is that you can switch between one and the other anywhere in the open world at the push of a button. You can even transfer your abode anywhere by simply reserving a spot that you come across in your travels.

Last but not the least, Kogama is a similar experience to Roblox but with one difference – it’s meant to be played on a browser. You don’t have to download a client to play it, so you can play it anywhere even if it’s not your own computer.

Just like Roblox, you can design your own games and share it with the community. You can also play the games that other users have created for you and other people as well. The game doesn’t require much in terms of hardware, so even older computers can play it as long as there’s a decent Internet connection.

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