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Tower of Fantasy: What to Look Forward To

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Could this be the Genshin Impact killer? Can this new kid on the block dethrone the current king of mobile MMOs? Let’s discuss what features there are to look out for in the upcoming release of Tower of Fantasy down below.
MMO Anlage - Tower of Fantasy: What to Look Forward To

Tower of Fantasy is the up-and-coming open-world roleplaying game for multiple platforms. Produced and developed by Level Infinite, it aims to give a quality adventure filled with all manner of danger and rewards. Play with a group of friends or tackle the challenges alone; the choice is yours! The entry price is also nonexistent since it will be free to play!

Some people have touted this to be the Genshin Impact killer because of its similar gameplay and aesthetics. Can this new kid on the block dethrone the current king of mobile MMOs? Let’s discuss what features to look out for in the upcoming release below.


Number 1: Ferris Wheel

The events of the story take place on the planet Aida. It is a world that features a futuristic science fiction setting. From what is available with the previews, the locations seem to have an outer colony or outback vibe, thanks to rustic environments mixed with high-tech designs scattered all around. It gives off the feeling of surviving a calamity, and people are trying to rebuild or maintain things. Uncover the mysteries as you explore!


Number 2: Boss

The gameplay is responsive and fluid. There are hundreds of skills players can pull off and combo one after the other. Mobility is a highlight as well, and everyone can dash, climb, and double jump to traverse the large open world. Mounts and jetpacks are included as well to add another layer of movement options while exploring. Now pair all those mechanics with field puzzles, which are guaranteed to be hours of fun. Narrative missions focusing on the backstories of the other PCs can be tackled to earn rewards and learn more about the lore.

The things you can roll for are varied and unique. Special playable characters are included with the weapon you get. Items that set you apart from the rest by tweaking your build through the stat boosts it applies can also be found here.


Number 3: Landscape

The graphics use a beautiful anime aesthetic for the characters. Each one of them is visually distinct and communicates what kind of personality or abilities they could possess. Item and weapon designs all look futuristic and cool. The world is bright and colorful, and every location has a different theme. Special effects are flashy without being too overbearing.


Number 4: Bike

The audio in the game is a treat. There will be full English voice acting, and the production was top-notch with good quality. The music has a fantastical vibe to them when exploring, while it becomes upbeat and energetic when in the middle of a fight.


These are all just what we have seen from the preview and demos Level Infinite provided us last time. Some quirks and rough edges were spotted during the playthrough, so everyone hopes those will be ironed out before the release date. There is still more to see in the upcoming days. Tower of Fantasy is currently available to be pre-registered on the Apple, Google, and PC stores today for free!

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