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Types of MOBA Players

Diesen Artickel einschätzen MOBA players have some absolutely enormous player-bases that go into the millions. Of course due to this there are many different kinds of player personalities you encounter when playing these games and in this article we’ll be talking about some of the common player types that you’re pretty much bound to run into when playing a MOBA. MMO Anlage - Types of MOBA Players

First and foremost are those that simply cannot stop talking. These players will type something in the chat pretty much every 10 seconds. From time to time they will type in some really useful information that you can use to your advantage such as the enemy’s position or things like that but at other times they’ll just keep typing random stuff that can distract you from your play.

Then there are the cheerleaders. These are some of the best players you can possibly have on your team. A player of this type continuously keeps hyping his team up and maintaining morale at an all time high. What’s great about having these guys on your team is that there’s pretty much no negativity if you’re lucky enough to get one. If you’re having a bad game then this guy will even provide some pretty useful tips and make sure that you don’t get tilted and end up throwing the game.

There are also players who say pretty much nothing at all. Doesn’t matter what phase the game is at, whether it’s character select, early game, mid-game, late game or whatever, you won’t see these guys talking or typing much. They mostly communicate through pings but the best part about these players is that they’re usually quite skilled since they’re focusing completely on their play. You’ll often see a silent player completely a carry a game solo. One downside to these though is that they tend to get really made if you make a lot of mistakes and might even end up flaming you.

The player type that’s common in every single MOBA game is the ‘one trick pony’ the defining trait of these players is that they’ve picked up one specific character out of the many available options and have perfected it. These guys are a double edged sword because if they get the character and role of their preference then they’re likely to stomp but if they end up having to fill another role then they usually end up faltering quite hard.

Last but certainly not least are the rebels. These guys are called rebels because they tend to do things that are complete opposite to the ongoing trends. They’ll try to play characters in roles different than those they were intended for and on top of that they will even experiment with some really wonky builds. One good thing about these guys though is the fact that their build experiments tend to work wonders sometimes which ultimately leads to a really easy win.

The players mentioned above are those that you’re most likely going to run into if you ever play a MOBA game. While on the topic of MOBAs, we recommend trying these games out because they’re great fun to play and deliver a really enjoyable experience.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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