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Types of Quests in MMORPGs

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Everyone knows that the backbone of every single MMORPG worth its salt is a properly executed questing system. Any MMORPG that can be considered 'good' offers players tons of different kinds of quests to enjoy and in this article we'll be talking about the various types of quests that you can take on in these games. MMO Anlage - Types of Quests in MMORPGs

The main quest type that exists in pretty much every single MMORPG out there without a doubt is the fetch quest. In fetch quests the NPC basically tells you to fetch him X amount of Y object and tells you where you can get this object from. Fetch quests are really enjoyable because they often require you to go off to places that are far away in order to acquire the items that the NPC has asked for.

While most of the time you’ll simply be able to find the object of interest by exploring the area you’ve been sent to, sometimes you might have to kill a few monsters to get your hand on it but regardless of the situations, these quests are really fun which is probably why they’re a part of every MMORPG today. You’ll usually run into a fetch quest the very first minute you start playing an MMORPG since the exploration element of these makes it so that players are able to practice the in-game controls and get comfortable with everything for the actual action that will come later.

The other highly popular quest type is the kill quest. As the name implies, these are those quests in which you have to kill X amount of Y monster. The thing that makes these quests interesting is the fact that they’re often tied with the actual story and this makes players feel like they’re having an actual impact on the world rather than pointlessly slaying creatures in cold blood. For example, an NPC might tell you to kill ten wolves because they’ve been terrorizing a nearby village and once you do so you’ll be rewarded with praise from the villagers and will probably be given a worthwhile reward by the NPC as well.

Daily quests are also a really common quest type that you’ll find in most MMORPGs you play. These quests are pretty spontaneous and as you could tell from the name, these can be repeated daily. The key thing to note about daily quests is the fact that you’re given something new to do every day.

One day you might be sent to perform a daring task like slaying a ferocious beast but on the next day you might be assigned something easy like delivering an item to someone who’s far away. Daily quests are almost always worth doing because they don’t require a lot of effort to complete and on top of this they offer some really amazing rewards in the form of experience and gold.

Although you’ll find a lot of unique and interesting quests in MMORPGs, the ones we’ve mentioned above are those that you’ll run into in practically every single game in this genre.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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