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Ways to Improve Quickly in MOBA Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There’s no doubting the fact that learning MOBA games can take quite some time and it can even take years before players can consider themselves truly top tier. However, there are some shortcuts through which players can quickly improve their play and in this article we’ll be talking about them. MMO Anlage - Ways to Improve Quickly in MOBA Games

Practicing your farming skills is absolutely crucial to improving fast in these games. Farming in MOBAs is referred to the act of killing creeps and minions to acquire gold that can then be used to purchase items. Most people often overlook the farming aspect because minions don’t give that much gold individually but this is a huge mistake since the gold from these creeps can add up really quickly. In the average MOBA game, killing thirteen creeps gives about the same gold as getting a kill on an enemy player so you can see how important farming truly is.

One really easy way to improve your farming skills is by opening a custom game that consists of only you and then walking up to a lane. Once you’re in the lane, wait for the creeps to spawn and try to get as many as you can before the ten minute mark. If you do this practice drill at least once a day then you’ll soon see a drastic improvement in your gameplay since you’ll have more gold to spend on items and will therefore be much stronger.

Having good skillshot accuracy is also very important if you want to win in MOBA games. Skillshots are basically abilities that you have to actually aim before firing. There are many characters in these games that rely completely on skillshots for their damage output and if your accuracy is bad then you’ll struggle quite a bit during the actual game. An easy way to improve your accuracy is by picking characters whose entire skillset revolves around skillshot and playing these as much as possible. You’ll quickly get the hang of things and after a few days you’ll notice that you’re able to land much more abilities than you could before.

Getting the hang of character combos is also necessary if you want to climb the ladder in these games. Perhaps the easiest way to master the combos of a character is by playing a custom game with them against a bunch of easy bots. When playing against bots you won’t have to worry about other things and can concentrate solely on landing your spell rotations properly so if you’re struggling with the combos of a specific character, simply spam custom games with said character and keep practicing the rotations until you get a good hang of them and can land them with ease. Then try moving up to harder bots and once you’re comfortable with them you can finally try out your newfound skills in an actual game.

The methods mentioned above are a few ways to quickly improve in MOBA games, many players have tried them out and seen a drastic increase in their skill. We recommend that you try them out as well if you want to dominate your opponents.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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