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What is the Place of Browser Games in an Industry Dominated by Triple-A Developers?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Contrary to what some observers may believe, browser games aren’t dead but are instead thriving in a niche market. This article will take a good long look at where they stand today. MMO Anlage - What is the Place of Browser Games in an Industry Dominated by Triple-A Developers?

Though they do not dominate the gaming world today, we’re sure you’ve played browser or embeddable HTML 5 games in the past. If you’re an older millennial like us, we’re sure you’ve experienced Flash-based games of yore and even browser grand strategy titles that weren’t blocked on your school admin’s systems.

Nostalgia aside, browser games today take on a lot of forms, though they are all HTML5 games you can play without the need to download anything. Many of these are casual experiences. After all, games that require lots of time and effort to play now mostly require a download or are on mobile as apps.

With that said, we’re all aware that browser games are far from delivering the same experience games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Genshin Impact offer. However, they are still a great option today, and people still play them despite the influx of triple-A games and the dominance of mobile titles in the casual market. The thing is, where do they stand today, and do they have a future?

Yes, browser games are here to stay

Honestly, we don’t see browser games going away any time soon. After all, they’re mostly HTML 5 titles compatible if you have a functioning browser, like Google Chrome. Sure, we cannot deny the dominance of platforms like Steam and Epic Games and people’s preference to play using mobile apps, but these are irrelevant considering browser games have their niche market. Moreover, certain conditions make people play on Chrome or Firefox instead of their phones, per se.

Most importantly, one cannot deny the quality of most browser experiences. Sure, the glory days of old Runescape and AdventureQuest are long gone, but games like League of Angels and many Facebook games continue to make their mark online. Gamers continue to patronize them over more mainstream titles, and even if they’re niche, they offer an experience that sustains their fanbase.

The social phenomenon

Browser games are here to stay

There’s a reason why browser games continue to thrive. If we look to the past, we can list down games like AdventureQuest, Pet Society, and Farmville as having that not-so-secret formula, which is their social elements. All three games are massive social experiences. For example, FarmVille lets you visit your friends’ farms and vice-versa, and of course, you’d want your land to look as appealing as possible. The same concept applies to Pet Society, where you need to spruce up your home just in case someone visits.

Though both Facebook-hosted games are gone now, they thrived amidst the influx of triple-A games and the start of the rise of mobile gaming.

Accessibility advantages

Finally, browser games are able to secure their place today due to their high accessibility, an advantage they have over triple-A titles and popular indies. Basically, many gaming websites today embed free HTML 5 games from providers, enabling access to truckloads of various titles. In a nutshell, HTML5 games don’t require downloads; all you need is a browser, and you go straight to playing. Oh, and did we mention you can play them on mobile too? Yes, that's right! Game portals can embed HTML 5 mobile games that works on your mobile devices as well!

Overall, no one can deny browser games’ place in the gaming world today. Though they’re far from reigning supreme, they won’t go away any time soon, thanks to their still-loyal fanbase and high accessibility. In your case, do you still play browser games? If you’re looking for options, check out our browser games list and take your picks!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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