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What Makes Casual MMORPGs so Addictive

Diesen Artickel einschätzen One of the key traits of the MMORPG genre is the fact that all games that come from it are super addictive. Once you get into them it can be super hard to stop playing. This applies even more so to the casual MMORPGs which are usually played on browsers and in this article we’ll be talking a closer look at the casual ones and analyzing why they’re so addictive. MMO Anlage - What Makes Casual MMORPGs so Addictive

The primary reason behind their addictive nature is the fact that you can play them whenever you want no matter how much time you have on your hands. The main drawback of client based large scale MMORPGs is the fact that while they’re great fun, each session of play requires you to at least dedicate an hour or two because that’s how long some of the higher level quests and dungeons take to complete but in casual MMORPGs you can play even if you have 10-15 minutes to spare at most because the activities in these games, while they’re great fun, don’t really take that long to complete.

Due to whatever reason, casual MMORPGs seem to have a much more talkative and active community than the standard ones. Whenever you logon to these games you’ll find that the chatbox will be super active and many people will be talking there. The topics of discussion are game related almost all the time so you can get some really helpful information simply by reading the chatbox. Alongside this if you feel like you’re struggling with the game you can even message one of the veterans directly through it to ask for some help. It can also be used to send a server-wide message if you’re trying to form a party of players for something like a dungeon run.

Another thing that makes these casual MMORPGs are so addictive is that they always seem to have a lot of fun events and activities to engage the players in. The developers of these games have a tendency to get hyped up for pretty much every occasion which is why there’s always some kind of on-going event that you can participate in. These events make the game feel lively and also give players a way to acquire a whole lot of currency because the rewards offered by them are usually pretty massive.

Finally, a common trend amongst pretty much all top tier browser based casual MMORPGs is that they lean towards bright and shiny visuals rather than the dark and gloomy style utilized by most client based MMOs. This visual style often leads to a much more appealing game in terms of looks because it makes the characters look much better and also makes the special effects look prettier as they’re being enhanced by all the amazing lighting effects going on.

Overall, pretty much everyone will agree that while all MMORPGs are super addictive, the browser based casual variants are much more addictive than the others. In light of all that’s been said above we recommend trying a few of these games out because they’re definitely worth it.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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