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What We Look Forward in MMORTS Games?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We have enjoyed quite a number of MMORTS games for a while now from the different titles that we have covered in our reviews for the site. Being able to play a lot of them and compare each and every good aspect of the game, we came up with a few pointers of what we look forward in MMORTS games to come. MMO Anlage - What We Look Forward in MMORTS Games?

First is to provide a strong “backing plot” to follow the campaign with. MMORTS of today usually throws you in a situation where you are forced to cope up with the given objectives, even without complete knowledge of what is there about to push you through the given tasks. A strong backing plot pertains to provide a great sense of motivation to the players to even get started with the game. For future games to come, the constant feed of progress in co-relation to the plot is just as important to get you properly hooked and informed in the game.

A great use to this will be at the event that you get to build a key facility in the game. Instead of spoon- feeding instructions over the tutorials, a great backing story to emphasize the need to build a certain key facility in the game would be a better means of suggesting its build. More so, players get more sense of a narrative to the plot rather than just a plain task ordered by the tutorials. This should make up quite a bit of interest to the participant, as well as get one hooked with the game.

Additionally, we look forward to see expansion in the lot of forging activities – this includes of course the collection of fighter units to gain while mixing up two fighters at a time: Some games fair with obtaining powered up versions of a fighting unit when sacrificing other fighters to train them, while others provide great mutations or transformations of fighting units when mixed with different types of fighters. An interesting bunch of possibilities will result to this forging activities held in an MMORTS game, and they are very much an enticing activity to boot.

A solid “quality for visuals” is also a must in the games to come. With already a lot of them handing out great graphics to provide a greater gaming experience, it is very much unacceptable for a future MMORTS game to fall short in its graphics department. A few rendered in a full 3D environment, but most games suffice us with nicely detailed 2D assets and environment. Nonetheless, they can cope up with the lot of high-end games in terms details, and are sure very pleasing to the eyes to boot.

Another key aspect that we would like to be present in the future titles to come is a more pronounced social integration and relevant activities held therein. Standing over a network infrastructure of thousands upon thousands of active players, MMORTS of today has yet to maximize the potential of socially integrating its players. We have experience guilds, joint/synchronized attacks, and enjoyed the company of members in the community, but there are still tons of stuff that the infrastructure can offer - like peer based activities of some sort, friendly competitions, open market, and the like.

Nevertheless, the games that we have enjoyed up until now provides us with great titles to really throw us in the nick of the battles. There is much to like about what each game has in store for you, and are all exhilarating to play to boot.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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