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What Went Wrong with Anthem?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Anthem is a game that had a ton of hype surrounding it since it was first shown to the public but, as of recently, it was announced that it’s shutting down and in this article, we’ll be discussing why. MMO Anlage - What Went Wrong with Anthem?

Anthem is a game that was announced back in 2017 and the very first trailer of the game had everyone insanely hyped about the game because it demonstrated an experience that was quite unlike any other out there ranging from the theme to the gameplay to the overall setting of the game. The trailer of the game demonstrated truly engrossing gameplay that revolved around effectively cooperating with allies in order to be victorious in a treacherous sci-fi world full of mystery and intrigue.

Javelins in Anthem

However, although the trailer made the game seem like an absolute spectacle, the final product that players received was anything but. First off, when the game was released it was plagued with a vast variety of server and connectivity issues that made the game borderline impossible to play for many during the first few days of its release. Alongside this, even players who actually did manage to play weren’t particularly impressed with the end result because the game has buggy on several levels and had some deeply fundamental issues that held it back from being the immersive experience that players were initially promised.

One of the biggest selling points of Anthem was the fact that the game consisted of an enormous world for players to explore to their heart’s content and, while this was certainly true to some extent, one glaring flaw with the world was the fact that it felt empty and hollow. The place was certainly massive but, in terms of actual in-game content, there really wasn’t much for players to find no matter how much time they spent exploring the world. The content that did exist ended up becoming repetitive after a while so the game didn’t really have any longevity. Due to all this, Anthem ended up becoming a game that certainly seemed interesting for players just setting foot into its world but anyone who invested a lot of time into the game ended up having the same experience of things starting to feel repetitive.

Speedy Javelin in Anthem

Alongside everything else, the actual combat of Anthem felt odd, incohesive and nowhere near as satisfying as what players were shown in the game’s various trailers. What we saw in the trailers was a beautiful orchestra of various players coming together to utilize their abilities in coordination with one another to unleash devastating blows on foes and dealing heaps upon heaps of damage. However, the final product was nowhere near this. The combat of the final game felt janky on multiple occasions, the shooting mechanics were subpar at best and, while the co-op aspect of the game did shine through from time to time and lead to some great moments, these were few and far in-between and not nearly enough to make up for the various issues.

All things considered, there were certainly a few other things that went wrong with Anthem that caused the game to ultimately be shut down but the aforementioned issues were no doubt among the most significant ones that contributed to the game’s decline and eventual demise.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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