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What Went Wrong with Watchers?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Watchers is a game that definitely hasn’t been able to live up to the potential that it demonstrated at release and, in this article, we’re here to analyze just what went wrong. MMO Anlage - What Went Wrong with Watchers?

Watchers is a game that had a lot of hype since the day it surfaced and this was definitely well deserved as this was a game that aimed to elevate the tried and true battle royale formula to a whole new level by adding creative twists to the mix. The game was certainly well received during its initial few days but, after a while, its popularity plateaued and eventually started going downhill for an array of different reasons and that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about in this article.

Perhaps one of the key reasons why Watchers wasn’t able to reach its potential was because some of the unique mechanics that it added to the table actually ended up being hindrances to the experience of some players. One unique aspect of Watchers was the fact that this was pretty much the only battle royale game that allowed players to have an impact from beyond depth and, while this concept certainly sounded fun at first, it actually led to some frustrating moments in which players who should’ve won a match were prevented from doing so due to a last-minute intervention by another player who died long ago.

There are definitely ways in which the post-death gameplay mechanics of Watchers would’ve been able to enhance the experience but, in their current state, they usually just end up making things frustrating for players who put a lot of effort into the matches they play only to have the win stolen from the due to factors that were entirely beyond their control.

The lackluster matchmaking of Watchers is another reason behind the game’s downfall. Although the core gameplay is definitely solid, actually getting into a match is something that can take quite a lot of time and what’s worse is that the game doesn’t have effective ways through which players can actually party up with their friends and this is something that’s pretty much unheard of in a battle royale game. Alongside this, the game’s weapon balance is something that also needs a bit of tweaking because there are some weapons in the game that are straight up infuriating to play against and can massively turn the tides in your favor if you can manage to get your hands on one of them.

Finally, the game’s netcode also needs a bit of tweaking as it just isn’t polished enough for battle royale gameplay currently. There are lots of instances in which shots that should’ve landed simply don’t and issues like input lag end up hampering the performance of players in various significant ways.

Overall, Watchers is definitely a game that had a lot of potential at launch, and still does, but the aforementioned issues have definitely held it back from being all that it could be. The game’s still active, though, so there’s definitely hope that these issues might eventually be patched out or sorted some other way which, in turn, would help the growth of this game quite a bit.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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