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Where Can You Find Completely Free-to-Play PC Games?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The world of PC gaming has never been so expansive with the number of free-to-play choices available. MMO Anlage - Where Can You Find Completely Free-to-Play PC Games?

We have gone far from the days when buying a game is the only way you can get anything played on our gaming stations. Purchasing those discs and software keys is costly. This instantly bars those who don’t have a steady source of disposable income to use for a bunch of pixels.

Fortunately, there are free-to-play titles that we can get. All you need is an internet connection and some time for downloading. Compared to how it was back in the late 90s, we have more options and sources to get free games than before. Here are some places you can start downloading and playing.

Sniper Outdoor Range

HTML5 Game Sites

HTML5’s predecessor, Adobe Flash, was the symbol of free games for both players and developers alike. It didn’t require downloading a client like most titles. All you needed was a browser with Adobe Flash and you can start playing. This form of portable gaming is succeeded by HTML5, which made a new generation of browser games with better features.

The ways to get free browser games are still as how it is remembered back in its Flash days. Game aggregators like Monstera Play are the easiest means to get started on browser games. They have a massive selection of games in various genres, including a variety of arcade ones. Moreover, they also have some cool casual and hidden object games, most notably Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects which is also playable on mobile.

There are dedicated websites like Tanki Online available for those who prefer multiplayer. Accessible and easy-to-play games with no other requirements than a browser with HTML5 support are always a cool thing to have.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Distribution Services

These are currently the reigning king of PC game storefronts due to their immense library of playable games. Services like Steam, Epic Games, Windows Games, etc. are the go-to places when buying gaming titles. They’re more than places to buy the latest and greatest triple-A names without have to go to a physical store.

These services also host free-to-download game titles and other digital goods. Apart from free games, check out their on-sale sections from time to time. You can score a good deal on massively-discounted titles, or crazy offers such as Epic’s weekly free games. Many of these services require their dedicated software to organize your downloads and purchases, so consider committing a little storage space.

Tanki Online

Digital Marketplaces

Some users prefer getting their games from places without annoying and flashy ad banners, distracting pop-ups, or links to certain content creators they’re not interested in. There are also gamers who like supporting independent titles not linked to the usual corporate entities in the digital sphere. This is where marketplaces like and Game Jolt shine.

They normally come in easy-to-use web interfaces that don’t drive you nuts with ads. You can also customize the search terms so that you get to the games that you want faster and with less fuss.

Genshin Impact

Direct Downloads

Some developers and publishers have big enough names to distribute their games without the need for a storefront. Many players would come to know a game once an ad or a banner of said title is plastered all over the web. These are custom pages where you can get more than enough information to find out if the product is something you’ll play with or not.

Your search engine and some game review sites are typically your best friends in your search for good titles. Many of these titles are well-funded and are polished in both appearance and play mechanics. From the venerable World of Tanks to recent releases like Genshin Impact and Neverwinter, there is a growing selection of free-to-play games. All you need to do is download and play. Some of the bigger titles also appear in other storefronts.

This wraps up the list of where you can find free-to-play PC games. Get that search engine running and find the best free-to-play game you’ll have the most fun with.

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