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Why Among Us is so Popular?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Among Us is a game that has absolutely taken the gaming world by storm in recent days and, in this article, we’ll be breaking down why it’s become so popular and what the appeal is behind the game. MMO Anlage - Why Among Us is so Popular?

Among Us is a game that wasn’t actually a huge success when it was first released but, as of recently, it has pretty much blown up thanks to various popular streamers showcasing how fun it is and this is definitely a good thing as the game is actually quite enjoyable and definitely deserves the popularity it’s started to receive nowadays. There are certainly games available that are based on similar concepts but, in terms of execution, Among Us is simply a cut above the rest and we’re here to analyze why this is the case.

Perhaps one of the key reasons why Among Us is so popular is the fact that it’s insanely easy to get into. A lot of similar games have a fairly steep learning curve as they consist of multiple characters with their own distinct roles but, in this particular case, there are only crewmates and impostors so players don’t have to spend time mastering how each individual character is meant to be played. The tasks in the game are insanely intuitive as well and can be done by anyone, even if they don’t have prior experience with similar games. All of this comes together to make Among Us a game that pretty much anyone can get the hang of in mere minutes of playing thereby leading to the game’s insane popularity.

Of course, it goes without saying that the core gameplay of Among Us is no doubt one of the biggest reasons why it’s so popular. This is a game that feels incredibly intense right from the get-go as crewmates hurry to complete tasks while imposters try their best to sabotage around the map and take out unsuspecting crew members. The constant suspense of not knowing who the imposter is leads to some insanely intense moments that you simply cannot get in a lot of other games. Alongside this, the satisfaction of being a successful imposter who surgically eliminates all the crew members without raising any suspicions gives a feeling of satisfaction that’ll constantly make you want to return to the game to play again.

Alongside all of this, Among Us is one of the best social games to play and this has played a major role in the game’s popularity. While playing the game online with other random people from around the world is certainly a fun experience, the game is definitely at its best when you’re playing alongside friends or family with voice communication on or with everyone playing in the same room. These particular gameplay sessions are almost always the most enjoyable and they have played a major part in keeping this game so popular since its popularity skyrocketed.

Overall, there’s a whole lot that makes Among Us such a delightful and popular game but the aforementioned reasons are no doubt the key factors behind its success.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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