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Why Apex Legends Might Dethrone the Current Top Battle Royale Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Apex Legends is a game that’s been turning heads ever since it was released and, in this article, we’ll be discussing why we think it has the potential to sit at the very top of the ladder of exceptional battle royale games. MMO Anlage - Why Apex Legends Might Dethrone the Current Top Battle Royale Games

Apex Legends managed to hit a million unique players within the first eight hours of its release and, if this wasn’t impress enough, the game managed to surpass the two million barrier in the first twenty four hours of its release. Ever since then, the game has been on an upward trend and it definitely deserves every single bit of success and praise that it’s been getting and this is due to a variety of different reasons.

First and foremost, one of the best things about Apex Legends is the fact that it feels incredibly refreshing to play due to the presence of various different characters. There are currently eight playable characters, referred to as Legends, in the game and each one of them has access to a set of powerful abilities that they can use to turn the tide in their favor. In most run-of-the-mill battle royale games, you control a generic character who doesn’t really do much other than run around and kill people but, in Apex Legends, you get to choose from many unique characters with their own special abilities and their own distinct personalities as well that you’ll get to familiarize yourself with as you play them and hear the various things they say.

Apex legends also features some of the most precise and crisp shooting mechanics that we’ve seen in the genre. A lot of battle royale games tend to have hit registration problems as well as various other issues with the shooting mechanics but, as it turns out, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Apex Legends at all. Every single shot that’s supposed to hit will hit and the shots that are supposed to whiff will definitely whiff past your opponents. Apex Legends also features a recoil pattern for every single one of its weapons that, once mastered, can allow you to get a massive advantage over your opponents as you’ll be able to control the recoil of your weapon to make sure that you connect most of your shots.

The revolutionary ping system of Apex Legends is, of course, one of the game’s biggest highlights. Communication has always been a key factor in battle royale games because you absolutely need to relay information to your squad mates if you hope to have a chance of survival but, more often than not, you’ll get people in your squads that are hesitant to speak up or don’t have a microphone through which they can do so. Fortunately, Apex Legends features an exceptional communication system through which you can pass along all crucial information to your teammates without ever needing to speak. Whether you spot an enemy, a weapon that someone can use, ammunition or simply want to tell your teammates to go to specific spot on the map, there’s going to be a specific ping that you can use to do so.

Last but certainly not least, the weapon balance in Apex Legends seems to be in an exceptional state ever since the game surfaced. With the exception of the Mozambique which tends to be lackluster in most situations, every single weapon in the game has a purpose and this is a testament to how well they’ve been balanced.

All said and done, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Apex Legends has been quite popular ever since the game was released and, if it keeps on this track, it might just become the very top battle royale game out there. Needless to say, we recommend trying the game out if you haven’t already because its one of the best games to surface in this genre thus far.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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