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Why I Enjoy Playing Global Strike

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Global Strike on Facebook is one of those online FPS games you should check out. MMO Anlage - Why I Enjoy Playing Global Strike

Facebook is, without doubt, the world’s largest social networking site. Wait, it’s more than just a website. It’s a virtual world all on its own! Not only can you catch up with long lost friends at Facebook, you can also play games in there.

You may be thinking that Facebook’s only limited to casual games like Candy Crush Saga and all that. That’s where you’re wrong. While Facebook does have a sizable population of casual games, there are also games that you probably did not expect to find in Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild. These games are none other than first person shooters or FPS!

There are actually a lot of FPS games in Facebook. One of these is Global Strike, which I’ll tell you about in this article. While it is not in the scale of games like Cross Fire and other similar titles, the game does hold its own against its competitors in a unique way. So, why do I love to play Global Strike on Facebook?

First off, it’s a Facebook game! Downloading installers have always been a hassle for me, especially if I just want to pass the time during a short break of, say, half an hour from work. Games like Piercing Blow are, without doubt, totally entertaining and have more stunning graphics compared to this one. However, these games also require periodic patches that, unfortunately, take a lot of time. You’ll end up spending your half-hour break patching the game and not playing anything at all!

With Global Strike, however, all I need to do is just log in to my Facebook account, run the app, and I’m all set.

You’ll find that the game actually has a lot of servers around the world. This means that there are millions of people playing the game at any time, so you don’t run of games or matches to enter. Matches come in many different modes, so you have a lot of variety when it comes to game rules and the final experience you get from competing in a match.

The game even has a dedicated “Newbie” server intended for people who are new to first-person shooters to first get a feel for what matches are in Global Strike. This is a good move on the developers’ part – newbies are, more often than not, discouraged from playing a certain game because they keep getting killed without any chance of shooting back or getting a kill before being sent off to respawn. This helps build up their confidence and their skills before they ultimately go to play with the big boys.

Speaking of respawn, the game regenerates your character faster than most games do. When you get killed, you could be back in action in just two seconds! Here’s a neat trick – when you respawn, you could find yourself respawned behind the very person that killed you so you can get some sweet revenge.

You get to earn experience points and GP, the game’s currency, when you play a match through until the end. You can use these to buy equipment and additions to your armament. There are a lot of guns here, so you’ll definitely find something that’s to your liking when shopping through the store.

Fast-paced gameplay, support for newbies, fast loading time and a sizable arsenal… what more can I ask for from Global Strike?

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