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Why Is Dragomon Hunter So Fun To Play?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Delve into the immersive world of Wyveria and become the greatest dragomon hunter there is in this amazing MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter. Read on to find out more! MMO Anlage - Why Is Dragomon Hunter So Fun To Play?

Dragomon Hunter is an incredibly fun MMORPG that combines the best elements of monster-hunting games like Pokemon with elements from classic role-playing games. There are plenty more reasons why Dragomon Hunter is so fun to play... let’s find out!

The first and main reason why Dragomon Hunter has been so successful in appealing to players from different backgrounds and preferences is because of its very addictive gameplay. In this game, you’ll be able to fight and capture a huge variety of dragomons in the wild, as well as dragomon “bosses” in the many dungeons available. For players who have the irresistible need to “collect em all” will definitely be hooked by the wide range of dragomons that they can collect.

Not to mention, unlike mere collectibles that you put on shelves and let them gather virtual dusts over time, the dragomons you’ve captured can be interacted with. They can act as your mounts and help you travel the vast lands in Wyveria a lot quickly. Some of them can be used as combat mounts as well! Amazing, isn’t it?

The semi-action-based combat system utilized in Dragomon Hunter also makes the game so much more interesting to play. After all, standing in the same place, while spamming your character’s skills, can be a very boring thing to do. Due to this, the game makes time a factor in combat. Although you’ll be given some form of warning that the enemy is about to use its ability, the very short window that you’ve given to initiate the accurate response can make anyone feel like they are in the last leg of a 100m sprint. It can be truly exhilarating if you managed to pull off that timely dodge!

Similar to most MMORPGs, Dragomon Hunter has several professions that you can choose from. They are mostly the generic sort, but there’s this 1 profession that is very much unique – dragomon breeding. You can set up your own dragomon ranch in this game and breed your dragomons together to get a variety of new dragomon breeds – breeds that you can’t readily find and capture in the wild. Of course, along with the breeding process, you’ll also need to tend to and nurture the baby dragomon so it can grow into a strapping adult dragomon.

In addition to dragomons, you are also assigned an adorable companion called a Hoppalong, who will be accompanying you on your journey. Do not underestimate these fluffy and lovable companions though – they do pack a punch when it comes to fighting the enemy! Interestingly, the game allows you to create and customize your Hoppalong. You can even decide which character class they should specialize into.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the game’s astonishing graphics! The visuals in Dragomon Hunter are designed in such a way that the background has a dream-like quality to it. I personally enjoy game graphics that have this sort of effect as I feel that it increases the immersion of the game. However, this is an entirely subjective advantage for the game though.

All in all, Dragomon Hunter is an excellently-developed MMORPG that will definitely appeal to players who enjoy Pokemon-like games. Even if you don’t have an obsession in collecting all the dragomons, you could also stop by, and have fun running through exciting dungeons and exploring the beautiful world of Wyveria with your friends.

Sounds like just the game for you? Well, do check out our review of Dragomon Hunter for more details and set off on the adventure of a lifetime to become the greatest dragomon hunter there is!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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