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Why the Mobile Platform is Great for Battle Royale Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Battle Royale games have seen an insane surge of popularity on the mobile platform and in this article we’ll be talking about why this particular platform and the genre are a perfect match. MMO Anlage - Why the Mobile Platform is Great for Battle Royale Games

Ever since games like PUBG and Fortnite surfaced and caught the hearts of multitudes of players around the world, the Battle Royale genre has become insanely popular and new games Battle Royale games seem to surface every other day. As of recently, though, most of these games have been released on the mobile platform and this is definitely a good thing because the mobile platform seems to be perfect for games of this particular sort.

The following reasons are why we feel that Battle Royale games are nicely suited for the mobile platform.

1: Much more accessible to a wider audience of players.

A lot of traditional Battle Royale games either require players to have a console or a PC with average or above average hardware in order to enjoy the experience without issues but these are things that not every single person is going to have. Smartphones, on the other hand, are things that pretty much every single person has nowadays and this is why a much wider audience of players has been able to enjoy Battle Royale games ever since they started surfacing on this particular platform.

2: The controls seem more intuitive.

One of the best things about playing mobile based games is the fact that a lot of these games tend to have nicely laid out control schemes that make them really easy to get into and the same thing applied to mobile based Battle Royale games as well. Even if you don’t have that much prior experience with similar games, you’ll still have absolutely no trouble getting the hang of a mobile based game from this genre thanks to the easy to grasp control schemes that they usually come with.

3: Communication is never a problem.

To communicate in traditional console or PC based Battle Royale games, players usually need to have a microphone at their disposal to talk to their teammates and, while this isn’t really that big of an issue since it affects a fairly small amount of players, it’s an issue nonetheless. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are always equipped with a microphone so communication problems are non-existent as long as the players are willing to talk to one another.

4: Games feel a lot faster paced.

When people play Battle Royale games on mobile devices they’re usually looking for a fast-paced gameplay experience that won’t last all that long and this is why everyone usually has a really aggressive play-style that leads to some extremely fast-paced games that are actually quite enjoyable since there’s never a dull moment in them.

All said and done, the aforementioned reasons are why we feel that the mobile platform is absolutely perfect for Battle Royale games.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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