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Why You Should Play Robocraft

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Robocraft is a phenomenal game that allows players to build massive vehicles of death and use them to wreak havoc on whatever opponent stands in their path. In this article we’ll be shedding some light on this game’s strongest points and talking about why you should try it out. MMO Anlage - Why You Should Play Robocraft

One of the key reasons Robocraft has managed to become such a huge success and also the reason we highly recommend it is the fact that it allows players to make complete use of all their creativity. This is something that not many other games can offer. Robocraft is at its core an MMO and the only actual customization option these games ever offer is the ability to visually alter your vehicle/character according to your preferences but this game goes above and beyond all this.

In Robocraft you’ll be able to fully change your vehicle’s structure, equip it with different kinds of weapons and use your creative skills to turn it into a rampaging piece of machinery that looks exactly how you want it to. Moving further, the gameplay of this masterpiece is very refreshing and another reason why we think so highly of it. It’s set out in such a way that the players never feel restricted. If you want to obliterate your foes from the skies, you’ll be able to do so. If you want to take them down from the ground, you’ll be able to do so. This kind of freedom is something that you simply will not find in a vast majority of today’s games.

The game’s fantastic matchmaking is another feature that impressed us quite a bit during our playthrough. The system utilized by it makes sure that all high level players are matched up against similarly skilled players whereas those who are relatively new to the game will be placed against those who are new to the game as well. This high quality matchmaking system ensures a healthy gameplay experience and prevents all unbalanced games where a really skilled and well equipped player might end up completely wrecking all the newcomers.

The fact that Robocraft also has a pretty solid backstory is just icing on the cake. Most people who stumble on a game of this nature usually expect it to focus completely on the gameplay and give almost no attention towards the story aspect but this one functions differently. The top notch gameplay of backed up by some really high quality lore and story that’s constantly advancing as the game moves forward. The developers have done an excellent job of giving actual meaning to all the seemingly mindless chaos that occurs on the battlefield which is quite impressive as it’s something that no other game of a similar nature has managed to achieve before.

All said and done, Robocraft is a brilliant game that has many good things going for it. The points mentioned above hardly cover all the great features it has so we recommend trying the game out for yourself to experience the enjoyment and thrill on your own.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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