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Mittwoch, November 30, 2016 Grepolis Revue

Grepolis Winter Event

Spin the 24 Wheels of Fortune and try your luck in Grepolis' winter event! Grepolis Winter Event In this festive month, Grepolis has set aside some amazing prizes for you!

24 Wheels of Fortune
Instead of a traditional advent calendar, you'll get a Wheel of Fortune. Every day in December (from the 1st to the 31st), you'll get to spin the wheel once for free. You can choose to spin more than once but you'll need to spend gold.

The wheel offers 6 different rewards and 2 winter crystals. Each winter crystal is different in shape and size. There are 5 in total and if you managed to collect them all, you'll get all five advisors for one week for free, or if you are playing on a world with heroes, your reward will be the exclusive new hero "Aristotle".

Every spin of the wheel will also unlock a decoration on the snow globe. Unlocking more decorations will grant you several stages of the award "Lucky Winter Fun".

So, don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to win yourself some goodies in Grepolis... play the game now!