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Des Jeux Comme Drakensang Online

Top 10 des Jeux Comme Drakensang Online
Créez votre héros et commencez votre aventure.

Battez vous contre des hordes de monstres pour obtenir des récompenses incroyables.

Jouez avec ou contre d'autres personnes et faites valoir votre droit le plus puissant guerrier de la contrée.

Mener une guerre personnelle sur les nombreux monstres de ce monde, et réclamez ensuite vos lieux comme le plus grand de tous.
League of Legends

Mettez en valeur vos compétences dans un des meilleurs multi-joueurs jeux d'arène de bataille en ligne avec plus de 100 champions différents.

Choisissez votre champion et entrez à la bataille contre l'équipe ennemie lorsque chaque équipe essaye de détruire la base de l'autre.

Avec beaucoup d'articles, types de champions et des possibilités infinies, League of Legends est un jeu qui ne finira jamais.
Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia

GuildsAnimeFree Roam 8,8 Notez Enter the world of Saphael and take your first steps to greatness.

Raise your own companion as you level.

Play solo or with friends to slay epic monsters.


GuildsFree Roam 10 Notez Choose from up to 3 class specializations from 6 character classes in 2 different factions.

Enjoy questing or running dungeons with your friends.

Fight other players in challenging battlegrounds for the glory of your faction!
Lord of the Rings Online

LoTR Online

GuildsFree RoamPlayer vs Player (PvP) 8 Notez Discover the world of J. R. R. Tolkein like never before.

From Men to Hobbits the possibilities are endless for adventure are endless.

Forge your path to glory and heroic deeds in the amazing Middle Earth.


Empire BuildingAnimalsHistorical SettingGuildsFree RoamPlayer vs Player (PvP)Management - Notez Play as the Okiteng, the Ngane, the Ikari or the Assuna (the 4 races of Homo sapiens)

Develop your cities and villages, and grow your army

Fight against the armies of the Homo erectus to ensure the survival of the human race


Sandbox GameShootingGuildsFuturistic SettingFree Roam - Notez When the Votan's came everything changed and suddenly humanity and aliens are sharing Earth.

Become an Ark Hunter and search for valuable and rare artifacts.

Develop your character your way as you shoot, fight and equip however you want.
Asda Global

Asda Global

Fantasy SettingDungeon/ InstanceAnimeFree Roam 10 Notez Immerse yourself in this epic MMORPG adventure in which you must slay the fiercest beasts from across the land.

Choose a class of your liking from the many available options, each with a unique style of play.

Upgrade your items and character as you progress through the game for a better shot at beating your enemies.


GuildsThe GodsPlayer vs Player (PvP)MythologyDungeon/ InstanceFuturistic SettingFree Roam 7 Notez Use your skills and powers to save the world from its terrible fate.

Grow your cult and become a god as you grow in power.

Enjoy stunning action and graphics in the latest generation of MMORPG.
Allods Online

Allods Online

GuildsFree Roam 10 Notez Choose your side in this epic tale, fight for your lord and honor.

Own your ship and fly through the astral space between Allods.

Become a great hero and help decide the fate of your world.


Fantasy SettingGuildsVoxel-basedFree Roam - Notez Level your character up and take on more challenges.

Build your abode and rid your world of evil all at the same time.

Become the most powerful warrior and vanquish the forces of evil that encroach on your home.


MountsDungeon/ InstanceFuturistic SettingFree RoamPlayer vs Player (PvP)Space Games - Notez Choose from 2 factions, 8 races and 6 classes to create your character

Lots of content to keep you entertained even when you reached the level cap

Enjoy some downtime with some relaxing play such as house decorating and pet hunting

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