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Guilds Liste des Jeux

Top 10 Jeux de Guilds
Games that allow you to form or join a guild, clan, legion, tribes, or any other guild-like terms, with other players. Although this is more prevalent in MMO games, some virtual world games also allow you to join a club too. S4 League

S4 League

TirDeathmatchTeam DeathmatchGuildsAnimeFuturistic SettingJoueur Contre Joueur 10 Notez Immerse yourself in a fast paced MMO shooting experience that will test your skills to their limit.

Choose your equipment from a wide array of both ranged and melee weapons capable of causing some serious damage.

Enjoy a variety of different game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable at all times.
DarkStar Risen

Darkstar Risen

DemonsFantasy SettingGuildsJoueur Contre Joueur 10 Notez Explore a large game world and kill countless creatures as you try to save it from the evil menace.

Customize your own character, level up and gain skills that will help you gain the upper hand in battles.

DarkStar Risen has a beautiful set of graphics that makes the whole experience a lot more immersive.
Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online

MOBAFantasy SettingGuildsJoueur Contre Joueur - Notez Participate in epic team-based battles in this intense MOBA experience with some unique twists and turns.

Enjoy different game modes and maps to add some great variety into your matches.

Choose from a variety of distinct characters each with a distinct skillset of their own to master.
AD 2460

AD 2460

GuildsFuturistic SettingJoueur Contre JoueurSpace Games 10 Notez In a future where mankind is scattered among the stars you are given a world of you own to develop and defend.

Find planets with the resources you need, research and build fleets and expand your fledgling empire.

Take the battle to your enemies, or join an alliance and dominate a sector of space with your friends.
One Piece Online

One Piece Online

Guilds 10 Notez Explore a massive and diverse anime inspired game world where everything is possible and where there aren’t any restrictions.

Engage in massive battles as you try to protect your pirate flag.

Enjoy the cute anime graphics of the original series with a wide range of funny characters as well.


SurvivalGuildsModern SettingJoueur Contre Joueur 10 Notez Enjoy a thrilling and high intensity MMOFPS experience where surprises await you at every turn.

Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where you are fighting for your life.

Complete many unique and exciting quests for powerful rewards and items you need to survive.
Kingdom Rift

Kingdom Rift

DemonsFantasy SettingMountsGuildsJoueur Contre Joueur - Notez Kingdom Rift allows you to explore and amazingly crafted world full of monsters and challenges.

Engage into one of a kind gameplay with automatic combat.

Enjoy a stellar experience with your friends as you explore a large fantasy world.
Stronghold Kingdoms Online

Stronghold Kingdoms Online

WarGuildsMedieval Age - Notez Expand and conquer villages as the power of your own unique medieval lord grows.

Play alongside thousands of players in a persistent medieval world.

Secure a mighty fortress to crush the invading forces.
Eternal Saga

Eternal Saga

Fantasy SettingMountsGuildsJoueur Contre Joueur - Notez Enjoy an epic MMORPG experience where your character has the potential to restore peace to the land.

Choose from the distinct classes where each class has a unique skill-set of its own for you to enjoy.

Explore massive dungeons to take out the bosses that await and get your hands on some epic loot.
Vega Conflict

Vega Conflict

Real TimeGuilds 2 Notez Customize your own fleet from over ten ships with different armor and weapons.

Engage the VEGA Federation or Rogue Miners over the control of resources.

Take part in its PvP and PvE and wage epic war in space.

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