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Empire Building Liste des Jeux

Le Jeu Empire Building Le Plus Jou
Strategy-oriented games where your main objective is to build a huge city, state/nation or empire, develop a thriving economy, as well as to amass an army to defend your land and to invade others'. Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

Empire BuildingGuildsJoueur Contre JoueurWarReal TimeFantasy SettingMedieval Age - Notez Experience in-depth and highly strategic MMORTS gameplay.

Start off from a basic village and turn it into a flourishing castle feared by everyone.

Gather resources through multiple different methods to create new structures and units.
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

Empire BuildingBuildingHistorical SettingJoueur Contre JoueurGestionDragonsMedieval Age - Notez Rule Avalon as you build your empire in this epic strategic game King of Avalon.

Train your army and raise dragons to take over the world.

Form alliances with players from all around the world.
Overlords of War

Overlords of War

WarEmpire BuildingFantasy SettingThe GodsJoueur Contre Joueur 10 Notez Side with the forces of good or evil in a struggle to claim the powers of the “Sealed Sword”

Recruit heroes to your army and deploy them to the battlefield

Ally with other players in factions and participate in both PvE and PvP events
Throne: Kingdoms of War

Throne: Kingdoms of War

Empire BuildingJoueur Contre JoueurGestionReal TimeFantasy SettingMedieval Age 10 Notez Develop your kingdom and build an army so as to conquer the land

Every little advantage matters! Be sure to upgrade your troops, hero, technology and your town

Work with your allies to improve and defend the Order's Citadel
Rage War

Rage War

Empire BuildingSci-FiJoueur Contre JoueurWar 10 Notez Develop your castle as your empire progresses through the ages due to the advancements of science

Build up an army to conquer other provinces or bribe the local rulers instead

Climb up the rank ladder by battling other players and destroying their castles
Castle Clash

Castle Clash

Empire BuildingBuildingJoueur Contre JoueurWarReal TimeFantasy Setting 9,5 Notez Créez votre propre ville dans ce jeu de stratégie étonnante.

Défendez votre ville contre les ennemis dans des batailles impressionnantes.

Créez un empire en expansion de votre territoire.
Rail Nation

Rail Nation

Empire BuildingHistorical SettingGestionTrains 8 Notez Manage your very own railway company and go through the various challenges involved in running a successful company.

Buy new trains and upgrade your old ones for faster deliveries and larger profits.

Create new routes to expand your already massive railway network.


WarEmpire BuildingReal TimeJoueur Contre Joueur - Notez Engage over massive battles against hordes of other warlords in an exciting mmo structure.

Win against other online players and secure armies over conquered territories for expansion.

Shape your fortress by constructing facilities, recruiting soldiers, building defenses, and securing resources.


WarEmpire BuildingGuilds 7 Notez Build a fortress from ground up and secure its perimeter from all attacking forces of the foreign world.

Establish your defenses to protect your very own resources to grow, survive, and outlast the enemies.

Recruit powerful army units and engage them into nearby camps to loot additional resources.


Empire BuildingFantasy SettingFuturistic SettingGestion - Notez Take control of a planet and turn into one of the most powerful space-faring colony in the universe.

Raise your needed resources and exercise your management skills as an administrator.

Fight battles with other players for conquest or to defend your planet from invaders.

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