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Play as a hardcore merc in the highly contaminated areas of post-apocalyptic downtown London

Have fun unlocking and playing as 1 of 15 different types of mercs available

Learn the lay of the map and get your objectives done no matter the cost

Get ready to play dirty in this fun Team-Fortress-like MMOFPS game, Dirty Bomb, by Nexon. Pick a merc from the many varieties available, suit him or her out with a loadout card that you want to use and head into battle!

But first off, you should definitely read up on the 5 classes of characters available in this game, namely fire support, assault, medic, engineer and recon. Each class basically has their own special abilities and roles to play in a game. For instance, fire support characters have damage support abilities like radioing in artillery fire and providing ammo packs for allies, while for assault, the characters usually have more health and armor, and wield “big-boy” guns like the miniguns or shotguns.

Among all the classes, the medic support class stands out quite a bit in Dirty Bomb. Unlike in Team Fortress 2, medics don’t directly heal other players with their “heal guns”. Instead, they toss out health packs for players to pick up, set up health stations for injured teammates to patch up, and even revive fallen comrades, who are yet to be killed or shanked, within seconds using their portable defibrillator. Although free-to-play players starts off with only 2 default characters, Skyhammer and Aura, the game also place 3 more characters on a monthly rotation basis to allow F2P players to have some fun with those characters. If you have earned enough in-game cash though, you can potentially purchase all of the characters in Dirty Bomb. It’ll be grindy and thus, it’ll take dedication, patience and lots of hard work.

Having a character is one thing, having a good loadout card is another. Unlike other shooter games, you won’t be able to swap out individual weapons in the game. Instead, you’ll randomly get cases while playing and you can open them up for a chance of winning a good loadout card. Loadout cards contains the set of weapons that when equipped, your character will be able to use. They also contain various randomized augments to further boost your gameplay.

However, how many augments you get depends on which grade of cards you get. Lower grade cards like lead and iron has 1 to 2 augments respectively, but as you go higher up, the number of augments is capped at a maximum of 3. The only thing different among higher grade cards are the character skins that you’ll get. Have cards that you don’t need? Well, you can combine 3 of the same graded cards together to get a random card that is 1 grade higher. So, “pay-to-win”? I think not!

In terms of game modes and map variety, Dirty Bomb is sadly lacking in that department. However, considering that it is merely in Open Beta, you can definitely expect more maps and game modes later down the road. The game modes on offer are the pretty basic ones, namely training mode, quick join (unranked) and competitive match (ranked). The sub-modes include objective mode, whereby the teams are assigned to defending or attacking roles and there are no switching of sides, and stopwatch mode, in which teams will switch sides after a round and the wining team is determined depending on how fast each team complete their objectives.

Although the map variety is kind of low, the map design is simply fantastic. Dirty Bomb offers maps that contain side objectives that you can try to complete in order to “unlock” access to new, previous contaminated, paths on the map. These paths are perfect for flanking the enemy and should be secured as soon as your team can. Graphics-wise, the game has pretty Team-Fortress-y type graphics, but I particularly enjoy the soundtrack in the game. It’s both inspirational and very nice to listen to.

In short, Dirty Bomb is definitely the game to go to if you fancy playing a somewhat tactical, objectives-and-team-based, and yet arcade-y (Team Fortress 2-style) MMOFPS. The variety of mercenaries in the game is definitely a huge plus point for the game, which balances out its downsides, which includes lack of map variety – 6 maps are like the bare minimum for a shooter game, and game modes. Nonetheless, if you enjoy cartoony shooter games, Dirty Bomb is a must-try for you! Give it a go today! Dirty Bomb Summary

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Have fun unlocking and playing as 1 of 15 different types of mercs available

Learn the lay of the map and get your objectives done no matter the cost
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