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3D Free Roam Player vs Player (PvP)
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Create your hero and begin your adventure.

Fight your way through hordes of monsters for awesome rewards.

Play with or against other people and claim your right as the mightiest warrior in the land.

In Dragensang you can choose one of the three available classes, each has a different fighting style, skills and items. You can create multiple characters on the same server, so feel free to play all the classes and find which one suits your play style. Like in similar MMORPGs, you improve your character by killing monsters, performing quests, gain experience and level up and try to find the best items you can for your hero.

You customize your character in the talent screen. Whenever you level up you will gain an experience point to spend that will increase your stats and every five levels allow you to choose an upgrade to your spells. The second talent tree requires knowledge points that you get from daily quests and as a random drop in the game. Each level in the knowledge tree cost 250 points but adds % bonus to your character and like in the experience tree, you gain a special perk every five levels.

The third talent tree requires fame points you can gain from PVP arenas, which is similar to the experience tree, but allows you to improve your PVP abilities. The talent system works pretty well and is rather different than other games. As you level you will gain more abilities you can use, you can map your favorite spells to your mouse keys. You can also map other spells to the number keys for quick use, as well as accessing your potions quickly.

As usual, finding the best items takes up most of the time and will affect your character greatly. There are quite a lot of items you can find, mostly with random stats, the higher the tier the item is, the better the stats are and the rarer the chance of finding it is. Exploring dungeons either solo or with friends is the best way to get those rare valuable items. You can socket gems into items and upgrade them through the different NPCs for better performance.

As for game-play, this is where the game shows it’s “free” side as it is lacking a bit compared to the bigger, more famous games. Every zone is a small map you can explore, with many monsters for you to kill. It can be a bit annoying that loot drops are not more prominent, and you even need to click on gold to collect it, sometimes several times until it works.

Monsters are visible and the targeting of your skills works well, but since the game has quite a lot of online players and there is no single player mode, lags and disconnects are quite regular and can be frustrating as getting disconnected during a fight means death and might even prevent you from re-entering special dungeons. Tracking quests is pretty simple, though the map can be improved.

Drakensang is highly detailed, but the 3D graphics are in lower resolution than what some gamer's would prefer, mostly due it being a somewhat browser based game. However, outside of fulllscreen mode, the game looks much better and responds faster.

The music is quite enchanting, with a nice fantasy theme, there are events and daily quests to keep you busy, constant PVP battles and an impressive world for a free game. Drakensang gives the casual player a pretty good alternative for the big hack and slash MMORPGs, with great success. Drakensang Online Summary

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