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SteamOnline MMO Plarium 3D AdventureDownloadGuildsPlayer vs Player (PvP)
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Explore a rich, fantastic world filled with quests.

Engage in an interesting story with lots of fun characters.

Impressive skill tree.

Neverwinter Nights was one of the most impressive RPG games when it was released more than 10 years ago, and as time passed, people wanted to experience the amazing world of the Forgotten Realms in the online environment. This is how Neverwinter’s concept appeared, a game that was specifically created to help people socialize and create guilds in order to defeat countless enemies located in the world.

This is one of the few games that have the option to improve on a title that’s close to perfection. Even at the beginning of the game you will see that this has a high production value, as you will immediately be able to see beautifully designed buildings, a plethora of dungeons and numerous quests that just wait for you to tackle with them.

As you might expect, Neverwinter’s story is the classical good versus bad cliché where hellish forces have invaded all corners of the world and all you have to do is stop them. As you might expect though, there are lots of side quests that can be completed as well, something that surely adds a lot of value to the game, because this way you can explore all the massive regions in the game more freely, without restrictions. This also adds a lot of life to the game, because it’s not only a static world where nothing happens, instead the game brings a living, vibrant world where your choices can very well influence the outcome.

The game’s graphics are beautiful and very impressive. You have the opportunity of traveling through various regions in the game world, and each one has its own theme, which means that you will visit forests, battlefields, dungeons, cities and ice lands, among many others. This variety is what makes an action RPG great, and that is exactly what we receive here.

You have 9 races to choose from in the game, and there are 7 classes for each race, which means around 63 different combinations, something that surely encourages replayability tremendously. The level limit is 60, and, unfortunately, once you complete the quests and get to that level there’s not that much game content, but the developers try to continually add content to solve the problem.

Combat is quite unique and it surely suits the Dungeons and Dragons theme that the game has. Mages engage in ranged combat, the tank is in the middle of the battle and rangers also accompany the whole setting from afar. The enemies are varied, with numerous races and even enough variations for each race to make the combat feel fresh and fun each time you get to battle someone. Actually, Neverwinter shows that it’s more of an action RPG game, pretty much like Risen or Skyrim, instead of an actual MMO.

Even so, the social side of the game is pretty important, as you can easily invite people to a party, chat with them and so on via the easy to use interface. However, you can finish the campaign on your own if you want without any help, but playing with others adds a lot of variety to the game and it makes it very fun as well.

In the end, Neverwinter is more than a simple online game, it’s a stellar achievement of the MMO genre, a game that you can easily play for hundreds of hours and still not get bored, as there are a lot of things to do. Complex enough for the older fans yet easy to get into for novice players, this title is suitable for anyone that wants a cleverly designed, fun game that can be enjoyed at all times. We definitely recommend that you give it a try, because you will surely like it. Neverwinter Online Summary

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Engage in an interesting story with lots of fun characters.

Impressive skill tree.
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