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2015 सबसे खेला MMO खेल

2015 MMO गेम्स
10 Tropic Storm

Tropic Storm

Warshipsरेडिंग Play this awesome MMORTS game that’s full of high octane action for all to enjoy.

Create massive forces and use them to raid enemy bases and take hold of all their resources.

Build a massive base and fortify it heavily so that no one would dare to attack you.
27 खेल लिया
9 Steampire


Fantasy Setting Build an army to take on the more powerful Empire that has enslaved Aestus.

Grow your base and be able to defend against player attacks.

Go on cooperative raids with other players to become Steam more powerful in battle.
27 खेल लिया
8 Anime Saiyan

Anime Saiyan

एनिमFuturistic Settingप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Enjoy an epic MMORPG experience that takes place in the renowned Dragon Ball Z universe.

Immerse yourself in exciting turn based combat where only the smartest and the strongest may come out on top.

Level up and progress through the game to unlock new equipment for your character and grow stronger.
30 खेल लिया
7 Light of Darkness

Light of Darkness

Fantasy SettingMountsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Choose your class in an epic time traveling adventure.

Use unique skills and merge with your beast companion to become ever more powerful.

Defeat the greatest threat to the world as the influence of the demon ever grows.
31 खेल लिया
6 World of Warships

World of Warships

WarWarshipsGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Take down enemy battleships in this delightfully chaotic experience.

Upgrade your ships in order to give yourself an edge over opponents during combat.

Lead your team to victory in thrilling battles that can only be won with good teamwork and strategy.
38 खेल लिया
5 Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fantasy Settingएनिम Enjoy this epic game that brings the full-fledged MMORPG experience right into your browser.

Make your pick from the many unique classes available, each with their own skills and specialties.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful game world that’s full of amazing sights to see and intriguing people to meet.
45 खेल लिया
4 Social Empires

Social Empires

Empire Buildingमैनेजमेन्ट (प्रबन्धन) Join the exhilarating battles between humans and trolls in this brilliant online strategy game.

Earn progress through successfully accomplishing your quests, missions, and your expeditions.

Combine souls to render a better fighting unit or even the lot of unique and legendary fighters to fight for you in the battlefield.
51 खेल लिया
3 Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage

SurvivalFantasy Setting Choose from among the selection of warriors to take into the dungeon sieges.

Equip, train, and upgrade your warrior to perform better over the battles and earn more rewards.

Immerse in its wonderful combat system and tackle the fights alongside multiples of participating online players.
52 खेल लिया
2 Magerealm: Rise of Chaos

Magerealm: Rise of Chaos

AngelsDemonsFantasy SettingMountsGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर The Holy City has fallen and the land is under siege as one of the last protectors it falls to you to defend it.

Use heroes and your guardian angel to boost your combat prowess.

Enjoy mini dungeons, world bosses and guild meetings in a stunning new MMORPG.
68 खेल लिया
1 Social Wars

Social Wars

Empire BuildingFuturistic Setting Join the exhilarating battles between humans, robots and evil orcs in this online strategy game.

Successfully run through the given quests and missions to earn progress and growth in the game.

Purchase upgrades and research for more advanced fighting units to fight for you in the battlefield.
263 खेल लिया