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2015 सर्वश्रेष्ठ 10 MMO खेल

2015 MMO गेम्स
10 Cronix Online

Cronix Online

शूटिंगFuturistic SettingSci-Fi Experience fast paced and thrilling action in this online action game.

Choose from a variety of different characters each with a unique skill-set.

Enjoy breathtaking visuals as the action commences and players throw everything they have at each other.
9,7 मुल्यांकन
9 Social Wars

Social Wars

Empire BuildingFuturistic Setting Join the exhilarating battles between humans, robots and evil orcs in this online strategy game.

Successfully run through the given quests and missions to earn progress and growth in the game.

Purchase upgrades and research for more advanced fighting units to fight for you in the battlefield.
9,7 मुल्यांकन
8 Felspire


Fantasy SettingMountsGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Welcome to the world of Eremos were you can enter the mysterious Felspire; a gateway to the Underworld.

But the Felspire is not a purely benign object for some are of a mind to capture it for their own purposes and harness its power.

There is one thing that we know for sure, it will lead to bloodshed!
9,8 मुल्यांकन
7 AD 2460

AD 2460

GuildsFuturistic Settingप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयरSpace Games In a future where mankind is scattered among the stars you are given a world of you own to develop and defend.

Find planets with the resources you need, research and build fleets and expand your fledgling empire.

Take the battle to your enemies, or join an alliance and dominate a sector of space with your friends.
10 मुल्यांकन
6 Survarium


SurvivalGuildsModern Settingप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Enjoy a thrilling and high intensity MMOFPS experience where surprises await you at every turn.

Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where you are fighting for your life.

Complete many unique and exciting quests for powerful rewards and items you need to survive.
10 मुल्यांकन
5 Dueling Blades

Dueling Blades

Fantasy Settingएनिमप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Nurture your character and create one of a kind attacks.

Battle enemies in astounding arenas where you can use all your skills to obtain the best outcome.

You can choose multiple classes to play with.
10 मुल्यांकन
4 Soul Crash

Soul Crash

NinjaFantasy Settingएनिमप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Enjoy a fun and engaging MMO experience right in your browser.

Duel players from around the world in fast-paced fights where only the best can stand victorious.

Enchant your weapons with special stones to give yourself an edge during combat when it counts the most.
10 मुल्यांकन
3 Chrono Wars

Chrono Wars

WarFantasy SettingMountsGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Travel through time slaying demons in a stunning new MMORPG.

Explore the gorgeous world where every place you visit is teeming with life in the form of deadly creatures for you to slay.

Take on players from around the world in epic PvP duels where only the strongest can achieve victory.
10 मुल्यांकन
2 DarkStar Risen

Darkstar Risen

DemonsFantasy SettingGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Explore a large game world and kill countless creatures as you try to save it from the evil menace.

Customize your own character, level up and gain skills that will help you gain the upper hand in battles.

DarkStar Risen has a beautiful set of graphics that makes the whole experience a lot more immersive.
10 मुल्यांकन
1 Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage

SurvivalFantasy Setting Choose from among the selection of warriors to take into the dungeon sieges.

Equip, train, and upgrade your warrior to perform better over the battles and earn more rewards.

Immerse in its wonderful combat system and tackle the fights alongside multiples of participating online players.
10 मुल्यांकन