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सर्वश्रेष्ठ 10 Facebook खेल

सारे गेम्स
यह वो गेम्स हे जो कि फेसबुक के दवारा खेले जा सकते हे, अपने मि़त्रो के साथ जानकारी शेयर करिये ओर उनकी मदद करिये 10 Guardians of Ashenhold

Guardians of Ashenhold

Mountsपेट्प्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयरWingsFantasy Settingरेडिंग Take the fight to the evil dragon Korvallus and save the world of Ashenhold from certain doom

Level up your hero and constantly improve his equipment, skills, pets, mount and wings

Engage various minions of Korvallus in combat or battle other players in exciting PvP matches
10 मुल्यांकन
9 Contra City

Contra City

शूटिंगप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Join the fight between the Civil Union and the Federation.

Go to battle with a complete array of weapons from melee to assault and sniper rifles.

Make short work of the competition.
10 मुल्यांकन
8 Wukong Saga

Wukong Saga

Martial ArtsFantasy Settingरेडिंगप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Relive the Chinese warrior saga of the Monkey King in this browser-based MMORPG.

Choose from four characters to play as, including Sun Wukong himself.

Enjoy the fast-paced action and gameplay the game offers, thanks to the auto-pathfinder mode.
10 मुल्यांकन
7 Critical Ops

Critical Ops

शूटिंगTeam DeathmatchModern Settingप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Form teams to fight for or against terrorism

Collect the strongest weapons and build your arsenal

Show your skills in combat with the scoreboard
10 मुल्यांकन
6 Swords of Divinity

Swords of Divinity

AngelsFantasy SettingरेडिंगParty-Basedप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Sent by the gods, you are charged to save Malfa Land from whichever villain that troubles it

Recruit a team of mercs and shower them with the best equipment and upgrades you can get

Dive into the game’s various PvE and PvP events or enjoy some casual fun with its mini-games instead
10 मुल्यांकन
5 Warbanner


Historical Settingप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Deploy your forces strategically and defeat the enemy.

Build a powerful fortress and defend it to the last man.

Crush the campaign mode with your prowess and comprehension of the game.
10 मुल्यांकन
4 Soul Crash

Soul Crash

NinjaFantasy Settingएनिमप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Enjoy a fun and engaging MMO experience right in your browser.

Duel players from around the world in fast-paced fights where only the best can stand victorious.

Enchant your weapons with special stones to give yourself an edge during combat when it counts the most.
10 मुल्यांकन
3 Chrono Wars

Chrono Wars

WarFantasy SettingMountsGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Travel through time slaying demons in a stunning new MMORPG.

Explore the gorgeous world where every place you visit is teeming with life in the form of deadly creatures for you to slay.

Take on players from around the world in epic PvP duels where only the strongest can achieve victory.
10 मुल्यांकन
2 Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage

SurvivalFantasy Setting Choose from among the selection of warriors to take into the dungeon sieges.

Equip, train, and upgrade your warrior to perform better over the battles and earn more rewards.

Immerse in its wonderful combat system and tackle the fights alongside multiples of participating online players.
10 मुल्यांकन
1 Magecraft


Guildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Reclaim your castle and rebuild your empire as you turn it into a force to be reckoned with.

Build an enormous army by choosing from the vast amount of units available to you.

Spin the roulette wheel everyday to see what interesting prizes you might earn.
10 मुल्यांकन