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सबसे खेल की तरह खेला Revelation Online

सारे गेम्स
Explore the sky, the lands and even under the sea in the beautiful world of Nuanor

Treat yourself to various story-driven adventures, quests and dungeons

Take on other players in huge-scaled conflicts, in the arena or in an exciting aerial combat
10 Tera Rising

Tera Rising

GuildsFree Roam Enter Aborea, an exciting and immersive world with a lot to see and even more to slay during your journey.

Learn and master the fast paced action combat system that is leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional target and click combat systems of the past.

Create your character by choosing from one of the eight unique and interesting classes the game has to offer.
12 खेल लिया
9 Allods Online

Allods Online

GuildsFree Roam Choose your side in this epic tale, fight for your lord and honor.

Own your ship and fly through the astral space between Allods.

Become a great hero and help decide the fate of your world.
12 खेल लिया
8 Darkstar Legends 3D

Darkstar Legends 3D

DemonsFantasy SettingMountsपेट्Guilds Battle fearsome foes in epic battlegrounds as you progress through this thrilling MMO experience.

Stop the demon king from rising to power once again and wreaking havoc to the land as he did before.

Level up and equip your character with high quality gear to get an edge in combat.
14 खेल लिया
7 Dark Era

Dark Era

Fantasy SettingMountsपेट्रेडिंगप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Hop between different eras in time to defeat various monsters

Strive to boost up your character’s battle rating

Fight challenging bosses and elite mobs as well as other players
15 खेल लिया
6 Archlord 2

Archlord 2

Martial ArtsMountsरेडिंगGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Venture into a world plagued by constant fighting where only the toughest survive.

Take part in intense and enormous Realm v Realm wars where death can approach at any minute.

Chain together skills in fluid motion to perform impressive combos that will devastate even the toughest of enemies.
23 खेल लिया
5 Light of Darkness

Light of Darkness

Fantasy SettingMountsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Choose your class in an epic time traveling adventure.

Use unique skills and merge with your beast companion to become ever more powerful.

Defeat the greatest threat to the world as the influence of the demon ever grows.
31 खेल लिया
4 Magerealm: Rise of Chaos

Magerealm: Rise of Chaos

AngelsDemonsFantasy SettingMountsGuildsप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर The Holy City has fallen and the land is under siege as one of the last protectors it falls to you to defend it.

Use heroes and your guardian angel to boost your combat prowess.

Enjoy mini dungeons, world bosses and guild meetings in a stunning new MMORPG.
67 खेल लिया
3 Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online

Free Roamप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर अपने नायक बनायें और अपनी साहसिक घटना शुरू करें।

अपने तरीकों से राक्षसों की भीड़ से लड़े कमाल के इनाम के लिए।

अन्य लोगोें के साथ या उनके खिलाफ लड़े और अपने देश में ताकतवर योद्धा के रूप में अपने अधिकार का दावा करें।
95 खेल लिया
2 Aion


GuildsFree Roamप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर एयाॅन की खुबसूरत काल्पनिक धरती पर अपनी यात्रा प्रारंभ कीजिए जहाँ पर दुनिया भर में प्रभुत्व के लिए लड ़रहे दो दलो में से एक में आप शामिल हो सकते है।

आनंद लें महान गेम यांत्रिकी, चरित्रो की विविधता और उपलब्ध सामग्री की अ˜ुत राशि का।

अपने स्तर को बढ़ायें और पंख पायें शानदार दुनिया का अन्वेषण करने के क्रम में।
130 खेल लिया
1 World of Warcraft


GuildsPet BattleFree Roamप्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Choose your side, the honourable Alliance or fierce Horde.

Step into a huge and diverse world and forge your path.

Fight epic dragons and evil warlords to once more bring peace to the world.
154 खेल लिया