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mercoledì, dicembre 23, 2015 Echo of Soul Recensione

Echo of Soul’s Christmas Event

Dive into Echo of Soul’s exciting Christmas event today and enjoy the many prizes the game has to offer! New Image Christmas Poris are “dashing through the snow” to deliver the best of Echo of Soul’s Christmas event to all major cities (Mnemos, Ignea, Rimen and Laterna), while jingling bells along the way. They can be found at Warp Portals, near to the giant Christmas tree and the huge pile of presents.

How can you get the gifts you want from these Poris though? Well, you’ll need to head on over to Grandpa ChiChi first to accept and complete as many exciting daily and repeatable quests as you can. Of course, the Lonely Snowman and Pepper Paisley will each have a daily quest for you as well. These quests include saving Christmas from monsters in an exhilarating snowball fight, or building a snowman in the game!

Once done, the quest giver will then reward you with special tokens, called the Snowflake Tokens. These tokens are the only currency these Pori merchants will accept in exchange for the goodies they provide. You could also turn some tokens in at Grandpa ChiChi for random Santa’s Gift, or a Snowflake buff that increases your movement speed by 20% and shrouds your character in a cool, snowy effect.

Sounds just like the thing to get you into the Christmas spirit? Well, what are you waiting for then? Jump onto your awaiting reindeer sleigh and slide your way to Echo of Soul today!