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Shooting Games List

Top 10 Shooting Games
Games that involve shooting at other players or monsters. Roblox


Sandbox GameBuildingShootingMotor Racing 10 Rate Create your own game world and engage into a large number of online games.

Make friends online and engage into one of the biggest gaming communities.

Compete with others in order to win some amazing prizes that will allow you to further customize your character.
Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale

ShootingBattle Royale - Rate Cuisine Royale is a third-person battle royale game fought with guns, food and kitchen utensils.

Originally made as a joke by the developers of Enlisted, it has evolved into a full-fledged standalone title.

Drop into the battlefield and be the last man standing in the ever-dwindling play area!
Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe

Sandbox GameShootingFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP)Space Games 9 Rate Enjoy a collection of different worlds each with a unique feel set in the same stunning MMO Universe.

Explore the space between them or make a planet your home.

Battle for resources on alien planets as pirates and monsters try to stop you.
World Of Tanks

World Of Tanks

ShootingGuildsPlayer vs Player (PvP)CompetitiveTanksWar 9 Rate Engage in massive tank battles in a huge highly detailed environment with people from all around the world.

Win skirmishes with your team and earn money to purchase better tanks and upgrade them for better performance.

Enjoy realistic settings, use tactics and avoid the enemy fire in order to emerge victorious.
Star Conflict

Star Conflict

ShootingGuildsFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP)Space Games - Rate Step into a stunning space shooter where you are a mercenary pilot fighting for money and glory.

Pick one of the opposed factions and prepare for a coming war.

Upgrade and customize your ships to get the best out of them before you fight.
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

WarShootingGuildsPlayer vs Player (PvP) 9.7 Rate Star Wars The Old Republic is a new MMO set in the amazing Star Wars Universe.

Choose between Light and Dark become a Jedi Master or Sith Lord.

Join up with friends and take on your enemies and vast empires as the galaxy crumbles into war around you.
Ghost Recon: Phantoms

Ghost Recon: Phantoms

ShootingGuildsPlayer vs Player (PvP) 10 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Ghost Recon: Phantoms here:

Enter the well known world of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Unit.

Work as a small tight knit team to complete objectives.

Use team and personal tactics to remove your enemies.
Blacklight Retribution


Shooting 6 Rate Fully customise your character and choose your weapons carefully.

Play practice or ranked matches.

Become the best in this awesome first person shooter.
Cross Fire

Cross Fire

ShootingPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Rate Complete missions to earn rewards.

Kill mutants and zombies to save mankind.

Take on your enemies and prove your dominance.
S.K.I.L.L Special Forces 2


ShootingPlayer vs Player (PvP) 7 Rate Play one of 5 different game modes.

Use over 20 different weapons to take down your enemies.

Climb the leader boards and prove you're the best.

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