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Player vs Player (PvP) Lijst met Games

Top 10 Player vs Player (PvP) Spellen
Player vs Player (PVP) is combat between two or more players either in the world of the game or specific maps and battlegrounds. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

WarGuildsPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Beoordeel From a humble town to a great kingdom decide the course of your Empire.

Build your city and armies then sweep across the land.

Play with or against your friends as you take over the world.
Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

Empire BuildingGuildsPlayer vs Player (PvP)WarReal TimeFantasy SettingMedieval Age - Beoordeel Experience in-depth and highly strategic MMORTS gameplay.

Start off from a basic village and turn it into a flourishing castle feared by everyone.

Gather resources through multiple different methods to create new structures and units.


GuildsThe GodsPlayer vs Player (PvP)MythologyDungeon/ InstanceFuturistic SettingFree Roam 7 Beoordeel Use your skills and powers to save the world from its terrible fate.

Grow your cult and become a god as you grow in power.

Enjoy stunning action and graphics in the latest generation of MMORPG.
Revelation Online

Revelation Online

FlyingMountsGuildsPetPlayer vs Player (PvP)CraftingWingsFantasy SettingExplorationDungeon/ InstanceFree Roam 10 Beoordeel Explore the sky, the lands and even under the sea in the beautiful world of Nuanor

Treat yourself to various story-driven adventures, quests and dungeons

Take on other players in huge-scaled conflicts, in the arena or in an exciting aerial combat


Co-opCapture PointsShootingCarPlayer vs Player (PvP)Post ApocalypticTeam Deathmatch - Beoordeel Go across post-apocalyptic wastes in Crossout, made by the creators of War Thunder.

Engage in fast-paced vehicular battles against your enemies, set in a terrible yet exciting world.

Upgrade your vehicle and equip it with various weapons, from machine guns to rocket launchers.
MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2

Fashion DesignVoxel-basedPlayer vs Player (PvP)Home DesignHomeFantasy SettingDungeon/ Instance - Beoordeel Set off on an epic adventure through the breathtaking voxel-based world of MapleStory 2

Slay various enemies and defeat nefarious bosses while enjoying the game's many mini-games

Build your own dream home or design your own outfits and gear
Queen of Dragons

Queen of Dragons

DragonsFantasy SettingMountsDungeon/ InstancePlayer vs Player (PvP) - Beoordeel Harness the power of darkness and turn it against the Lord of Darkness himself

Improve your hero, upgrade your gear, and level up your mount

Complete quests and help free the world from the Dark Legion
Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines

MOBA-LikeFuturistic SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Beoordeel Pick your character and vehicle as you enter the arena to smash your opponents.

Customize your set up and gear to suit your playstyle.

Battle against other players all over the world in this brilliant new MOBA.
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

Empire BuildingBuildingHistorical SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP)ManagementDragonsMedieval Age - Beoordeel Rule Avalon as you build your empire in this epic strategic game King of Avalon.

Train your army and raise dragons to take over the world.

Form alliances with players from all around the world.
Star Trek Online

Star Trek

Player vs Player (PvP) 7 Beoordeel Take on your first missions as a starship captain.

Fly your ship into awesome space combat against aliens and enemy factions alike.

Step off the ship onto strange worlds and stride into destiny.

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