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2016 Top 10 Gier MMO

2016 MMO Gry
10 Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic

Fantasy SettingMountsParty-BasedGracz vs Gracz Join a band of heroes as they fight their way out of a siege by evil forces.

Build a party of heroes to take on your enemies by storm.

Upgrade your team members’ skills, your horse’s statistics and your own skills to be more formidable.
9,7 Oceń
9 Contra City

Contra City

StrzelanieGracz vs Gracz Join the fight between the Civil Union and the Federation.

Go to battle with a complete array of weapons from melee to assault and sniper rifles.

Make short work of the competition.
10 Oceń
8 Naruto Online

Naruto Online

NinjaFantasy SettingAnime Enjoy this highly immersive MMORPG that’s been inspired by one of the most iconic anime franchises out there.

Set up a team of ninjas and take on your opponents in high intensity duels.

Explore the enormous game world that’s filled with many kinds of secrets to uncover and quests to complete.
10 Oceń
7 Dragonbone Dynasty

Dragonbone Dynasty

Turn BasedMonstersFantasy SettingRaidyParty-BasedGracz vs Gracz Join the Elite Guard and help rid Pangaea of the monster invasion

Grow your power and abilities by upgrading and leveling up

Track down the mastermind behind the invasion and avenge your family
10 Oceń
6 Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood

Turn BasedFantasy SettingGracz vs Gracz Play this epic MMORPG right in the comfort of your own browser.

Create either a fearsome warrior or a clever and intelligent mage as your character.

Embark on epic quests that are full of danger and peril but have massive rewards to offer.
10 Oceń
5 Wukong Saga

Wukong Saga

Martial ArtsFantasy SettingRaidyGracz vs Gracz Relive the Chinese warrior saga of the Monkey King in this browser-based MMORPG.

Choose from four characters to play as, including Sun Wukong himself.

Enjoy the fast-paced action and gameplay the game offers, thanks to the auto-pathfinder mode.
10 Oceń
4 Critical Ops

Critical Ops

StrzelanieTeam DeathmatchModern SettingGracz vs Gracz Form teams to fight for or against terrorism

Collect the strongest weapons and build your arsenal

Show your skills in combat with the scoreboard
10 Oceń
3 Swords of Divinity

Swords of Divinity

AngelsFantasy SettingRaidyParty-BasedGracz vs Gracz Sent by the gods, you are charged to save Malfa Land from whichever villain that troubles it

Recruit a team of mercs and shower them with the best equipment and upgrades you can get

Dive into the game’s various PvE and PvP events or enjoy some casual fun with its mini-games instead
10 Oceń
2 Warbanner


Historical SettingGracz vs Gracz Deploy your forces strategically and defeat the enemy.

Build a powerful fortress and defend it to the last man.

Crush the campaign mode with your prowess and comprehension of the game.
10 Oceń
1 Revelation Online

Revelation Online

FlyingMountsGuildsZwierzakGracz vs GraczCraftingWingsFantasy SettingExplorationRaidyFree Roam Explore the sky, the lands and even under the sea in the beautiful world of Nuanor

Treat yourself to various story-driven adventures, quests and dungeons

Take on other players in huge-scaled conflicts, in the arena or in an exciting aerial combat
10 Oceń