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Starsze Posty środa, marca 2, 2016

Wild Terra: Mounts and Tamed Animals

Bear mount in Wild Terra Wild Terra: Wolf mount Horse mount in Wild Terra Wild Terra: Boar mount Dear mount in Wild Terra The devs are currently fleshing out how the mount and taming systems will work and they would love to get your input! Czytaj Dalej
poniedziałek, lutego 29, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Heroes Of Paragon

Heroes Of Paragon base Heroes Of Paragon epic battle Heroes Of Paragon customizing base Play this phenomenal strategy game that will get you hooked from the minute you get into it.

Wreck your opponents by launching carefully thought out attacks with your fearsome forces.

Build the strongest and most fortified base that no one will ever dare to attack.
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środa, lutego 3, 2016

Dodano Nowy Artykuł: Our Top 5 Champions in League of Legends

Our Top 5 Champions in League of Legends preview image League of Legends has over a hundred unique champions that the players can enjoy. In this article we’ll be talking about our personal favorites in a bit more detail and highlighting why we enjoy playing them so much. Czytaj Dalej
piątek, listopada 13, 2015

Dodano Nową Grę: Eternal Fate

Eternal Fate creepy dungeon Eternal Fate hack n slash action Eternal Fate making progress Enjoy an awesome RPG experience that consists of both co-op and PvP modes.

Choose from over a hundred playable heroes, each with a unique set of skills and abilities for you to use.

Join one of the many guilds out there and wreak havoc on the enemies alongside your comrades.
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niedziela, lutego 21, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Sword vs Sword

Sword vs Sword preparing for battle Sword vs Sword blocking an attack Sword vs Sword practice battle Play this exciting sword fighting game in which you’ll get to participate in intense fights.

Battle against players from around the world and prove that you’re the superior duelist.

Score consecutive wins and move up the leaderboard to cement youself as one of the best players.
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piątek, listopada 13, 2015

Dodano Nową Grę: Magic Dice

Magic Dice intense duel Magic Dice world Magic Dice going for the win Outsmart and outplay your opponents to achieve victory in this thrilling battle game that’s sure to impress.

Collect cards as you make your journey across the world and add the strongest cards to your deck.

Play against live players from around the world in intense PvP or enjoy the amazing campaign sequence.
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poniedziałek, grudnia 21, 2015

Dodano Nowy Artykuł: Types of Quests in MMORPGs

Types of Quests in MMORPGs preview image Everyone knows that the backbone of every single MMORPG worth its salt is a properly executed questing system. Any MMORPG that can be considered 'good' offers players tons of different kinds of quests to enjoy and in this article we'll be talking about the various types of quests that you can take on in these games. Czytaj Dalej
poniedziałek, lutego 22, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: Mercenary Inc

Tutorial Levels in Mercenary Inc Mercenary Inc - Training Your Forces Battle Stages at Mercenary Inc Work your way up the ranks and lead the most powerful mercenary organization.

Acquire troops, train them and perform clear up operations to acquire control of the city.

Collect periodic income from your mines, or perform enemy sweeps to earn more resources.
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czwartek, października 22, 2015

Dodano Nową Grę: Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu

Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Character Classes Experience the wonderful and exciting world of Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Character Portrait Experience the wonderful and exciting world of Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Open World Adventure Fight battles and gain a lot of experience in order to become the best Luminary there is.

Kill monsters in the open world for useful items like medicine, food, and equipment.

Experience the wonderful and exciting world of Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu.
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sobota, lutego 20, 2016

Dodano Nową Grę: CrimeCraft: GangWars

CrimeCraft: GangWars epic battle CrimeCraft: GangWars taking aim from above CrimeCraft: GangWars ready for battle Play this immersive MMO shooter that’ll take you into a world full of chaos and thrill.

Enjoy the breathtaking visuals that are sure to provide you with one of the most engaging experiences ever.

Outplay your opponents in fast-paced PvP matches that are sure to impress.
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