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Сообщения Старее среда, ноября 4, 2015

Новая Cстатья Добавлена: Adrenaline Pumping War-based MMORPGs

Adrenaline Pumping War-based MMORPGs preview image War-based MMORPGs offer players a great alternative to FPS MMORPGs. Читать Дальше
воскресенье, декабря 6, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Hero Sky

Hero Sky Raiding Hero Sky explosive battle Hero Sky wreaking havoc Crush your enemies in this phenomenal strategy game that offers countless hours of enjoyment to all.

Send a hero onto the battlefield to completely wreak havoc on anyone or anything that stands in your path.

Create a massive base of your own and defend it from any intruders who dare to attack you.
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пятница, декабря 11, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga Intro Sequence Rainbox Saga Teleporting Rainbow Saga Combat Choose the class that’s suited for your fighting style and preferences.

Accomplish quests and get closer to your goal of rescuing the Princess.

Use your skills to their maximum effect to mow down your enemies.
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суббота, декабря 19, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Combat Extreme 2.0

Immersive Environment in Combat Extreme 2.0 Combat Extreme 2.0 Commencing Missions Enemy Encounter on Combat Extreme 2.0 Get a favorable class to put up and share your strategy with while you play the team matches.

Play frantic battles with thousands upon thousands of active players around the globe.

Enjoy a wonderfully designed first person shooter game with a fresh new twist on it.
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вторник, декабря 15, 2015

Новая Cстатья Добавлена: Most Anticipated MMO Games for 2016

Most Anticipated MMO Games for 2016 preview image The MMO genre is constantly evolving and every single year we see some amazing new releases that revolutionize the genre and take it to a whole new level. In this article we’ll be talking about some of the MMO games that we think will make some serious waves in 2016. Читать Дальше
среда, декабря 30, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Sphere 3: Enchanted World

Sphere 3: Enchanted World charging into battle Sphere 3: Enchanted World preparing a spell Sphere 3: Enchanted World intense duel Immerse yourself in this incredible MMORPG that you simply won’t be able to let go of.

Explore the gigantic game world that’s filled with beautiful sights to see and terrifying creatures to slay.

Choose a class of your preference from the multiple different options available.
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четверг, декабря 31, 2015

Abyss: Dark Arisen Trailer Video

Abyss: Dark Arisen Trailer Video Fight against the devil himself in this exciting upcoming web-based MMORPG, Abyss: Dark Arisen! Читать Дальше
пятница, декабря 18, 2015

Новая Cстатья Добавлена: Top MOBA Games of 2015

Top MOBA Games of 2015 preview image Ever since its inception, only a select few games have remained at the top of the MOBA genre but in 2015 we saw some really amazing games that most certainly have the potential to take the top spot. In this article we’ll be shedding some light on the top MOBA games that this year gave us. Читать Дальше
среда, декабря 30, 2015

Новая Игра Добавлена: Journey To The West

Journey To The West ready for battle Journey To The West gameplay Journey To The West epic characters Play this phenomenal MMORPG that’s full of memorable moments and delightful gameplay.

Pick a class of your preference from the four distinct options available.

Explore a breathtaking game world that’s filled with monsters to slay and fellow players to ally with.
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среда, декабря 30, 2015

MMOSquare is now on Twitter!

MMOSquare is now on Twitter! Find out about new reviews and articles, gaming news and updates, as well as which games we're obsessed about... all MMO-related of course... in 140 words or less! Читать Дальше
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