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пятница, января 20, 2017 League of Angels 2 Обзор

League of Angels 2 Releases Mount Codex System

More ways for you to increase your battle rating in League of Angels 2? Yes please! League of Angels 2 Releases Mount Codex System League of Angels 2 has just introduced a new feature called Mount Codex along with a new set of Mythic Armaments for your mount, Dragonfire. Players can now get additional rewards and bonuses for every mount they own. After activation, each Mount Codex will provide bonus attributes to the player’s entire squad.

Mount Codex
The Mount Codex can be found in the Mount system and is available to all players level 70 and above. Mount Codex offers three different stats, HP, ATK, and DEF. Once a codex is activated, it will immediately provide attributes for your squad. Mount Codex can also be upgraded with Codex Essence, which increases the attribute bonuses. The codex attributes stack with each other, which means the more mounts you own, the greater your attribute bonus will be! Codex Essences are generated automatically each day according to the number of mounts you activated in Mount Codex.

Mythic Armament - Dragonfire
Along with the huge addition to the Mount system, a brand new Mythic Armament: Dragonfire has also just appeared. There are four pieces of this mythic armament, Dragonfire Orb, Dragonfire Helm, Dragonfire Armor, and Dragonfire Reins, which provide ATK, HP, PDEF, and MDEF respectively. Armaments can be made much more powerful through enhancing and augmenting. The higher the quality of the Armament is, the more attributes that can be upgraded.

So, don't miss your chance to bump up your Battle Rating! Head over to League of Angels 2 now!