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Elements of the Perfect MMO Part 1

Rate this Article When it comes to online gaming, there is no particular type of game that starkly stands above the rest and remains in people’s memory than MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) games. What makes up a perfect MMO game? Let's all find out! MMO Square - Elements of the Perfect MMO Part 1

When it comes to online gaming, there is no particular type of game that starkly stands above the rest and remains in people’s memory than MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) games. MMOs are basically online games which allows a massive number of online players to interact in a given space or world. Initially, MMOs are played over computers—but with the advent of smartphones and other “smart” devices, MMOs are now readily available in other platforms (like the consoles, and other mobile devices).

Based on research, there are about 628 million MMO players worldwide. And with that capacity and potential audience, the world of MMO has come readily available with dozens of MMO game genres to choose. There are, of course, the ever-popular MMORPGs (MMO Role-Playing Games), there are the MMO RTS (Real Time Strategy), there are the MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas), and MMOTBs (Turn Based Games), and a whole lot more. But given the numerous types of MMOS available in the market, there is actually more to the type of game that actually keeps players hooked to a certain MMO. As there are a ton of aspects that keep players glued to playing a game, here are one of the few main aspects of MMOs that gamers definitely look for in an MMO.

1. Story or Content. Yes some may argue that a game must definitely focus on gameplay but what is commonly misunderstood is that for a gameplay to become effective and worth remembering is for developers to create a unique and appealing story that will be the basic foundation of the game. Most of the time, developers invest in using rich lore as a basis for the story. Some of the popular ones would feature Norse or Grecian lore while some may even focus on fantasy and ancient medieval lore. Whatever it is, developers must invest in building a rich and solid story for any game—especially MMOs.

2. Graphics. If having a rich and unyielding story becomes one of the primary aspects developers must focus on when building an MMO to appeal to the players’ emotions or interests, then developers must also learn to appeal to the players’ visual sense too by attracting players through captivating graphics and highly fluid animation. Players are, more than ever, more critical when it comes to game graphics. One of the most common criticisms games that don’t invest in graphics is the failure to ride the times and make use of present technology, thus making the game feel very much “dated” and dull.

3. Challenging Gameplay. Aside from an established story and fluid graphics, one other thing that gamers look for is the aspect of real challenge that only a well-developed game can provide. When it comes to MMOs, what players yearn for is the gameplay that won’t be too hard nor too easy for all types of gamers. What gamers look for is a game that will provide easy gameplay in the early levels, to allow players to get familiar with the controls and then the game must be able to provide quite the challenge when players shall rise the ranks and face stronger enemies. What is important is that no matter how many times gamers shall battle the same bosses or enemies is that they will still enjoy the battle and continue to play the game.

There are more elements of an MMO that make gamers loyal to the game no matter how many years it has been. A second article shall be published that shall discuss additional elements that make an MMO perfect to gamers.

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