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Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

Rate this Article Here are some great tricks that you should master when playing Hero Wars! MMO Square - Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

Hero Wars is one of the hottest MMOs right now on Facebook. Its exceptional gameplay and rewarding experience offered to players attract new users every day at an impressive pace. It’s no surprise that, perhaps, you’re itching to give the game a try.

You should definitely do that. To further enhance your gaming experience in Hero Wars, here are some tips and tricks that you could keep in mind.

First off, always level up the skills of your heroes each time you have enough Gold to do so. Leveling up the skills of your heroes will give you a powerful offensive capability, as these are their special attacks that deal a lot of damage to the enemy when triggered. The higher the level of their skills early on in the game, the more powerful they’ll be in the long run.

You start off with five main characters -- Solana, Artemis, Fobos, Astaroth and Galahad. These ones will be ahead of the other characters because they have a considerable amount of time in advance on your team. It’d do good if you strengthen these ones up significantly early so you can focus your time later on in leveling up other heroes in your arsenal.

Don’t rely too much on leveling up characters. While normally going up in levels make heroes stronger in RPGs, Hero Wars makes an emphasis on micro-managing your heroes’ statistics. Leveling up only contributes to a hero’s health points so that they don’t die faster in any battle, as well as to the strength of their normal attacks. Hence, if you encounter somebody whose heroes are at the same level as yours, don’t assume that you’re on the same page because his or her heroes might be significantly more powerful than yours.

Strengthening your heroes’ skills early will also benefit you greatly when you’ve started competing in the Arena, which is the game’s Player versus Player component. You could surprise your opponents early on with low level but relatively powerful defenders in your team. Remember, you get rewards in terms of Arena coins if you manage to defend your rank successfully, so this is your incentive.

Of course, ripping through the ranks when you attack and defeat other players will improve your daily rewards. So, with powerful defenders and attackers on your team, you have a better shot at the higher ranks in the Arena, which comes with very lucrative in-game cash rewards and Arena coins. Being able to defeat enemies in quick succession will also give you Emerald rewards, which you can convert to in-game cash and extra energy.

Last but not the least, make sure to Promote your heroes’ ranks as quick as you can. You can do this by collecting all the armor that they require for each rank. When you’ve collected and equipped each character with all the armor needed for that rank, you can promote him or her. Certain ranks unlock certain skills that will improve the battle prowess of that hero so make it a priority too.

Its gameplay may look very simple, but it makes an intricately layered scheme that will make hardcore MMORPG players want to go back again and again to play Hero Wars! Stay at the frontlines with these helpful tips and tricks.

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