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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wartune is Celebrating 8th Anniversary with Patch 10.0

Come and join in the celebrations now! Wartune is Celebrating 8th Anniversary with Patch 10.0 Wartune, an old-school browser MMORPG that released in 2012 is celebrating its 8th anniversary!

Wartune is a role-playing game mixed with strategy. In this fantasy world, players will take role of a lord that fights against the evil troops and save the world from a neverending war. They will also have to build their own castle, and find ways to make it stronger, including training troops, summoning legendary heroes and cooperating with other players from all over the world!

In the past 8 years Wartune has kept updating and has released more than 9 big patches to upgrade the game according the players’ needs and requests. To thank the players for their support, this year Wartune’s new version, Patch 10.0, will have a series of celebration events with exclusive rewards and a brand-new mini-client.

8th Anniversary Celebration
The new version of the game will open with a series of incredible events with exclusive rewards to celebrate its 8th year. There will be special themed fashion suits, mounts and discounted item packs. There’s also a special new feature: the Supreme Leader, a new kind of gameplay designed for the 8th anniversary. The Supreme Leader is an auto-chess like game that provides 2 battle modes: PVP and PVE. Players can pick up 5 different heroes who will have to use 5 different features to battle against other players or bosses. It’s important to use strategy and tactics on how to match the troops to win the battle and its exclusive rewards.

Patch 10.0
Wartune Patch 10.0 majorly focuses on new challenges and optimizations. Higher levels of Lych’s Road, one of the biggest PvE gameplay, are open for ambitious warriors who want to challenge their limits. Players can get The Legendary Devil’s Pearls to enhance their Magic Armor and increase their power. In addition, rewards and game process are optimized to give a smoother gameplay and more output from battles.

Wartune Mini-client
As a retro MMORPG, Wartune has run with Flash player on browser since it was born in 2012, and later released its own Mini-client that provides a smoother gameplay. Now Wartune has updated its mini-client which can run the game without Flash! It also includes some exclusive Rewards every week when logging through the Wartune mini-client.

Usually browser games have a lifespan of 5 years or less, but Wartune has been running for 8, which shows that it’s a game that keeps attracting new players. The Wartune official team also announced their plans in the 8th Anniversary video: they promise to keep adding new game modes and improving the game. To get more details, you can visit Wartune’s official website or its official fan page.